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June 17, 2014

Pillow talk!

I recently gave my bedroom a mini makeover and re-arranged some furniture and I am so pleased with how it turned out! The headboard of my bed used to be located right underneath the window and now that I moved it over to the wall it somehow feels like the floor space is doubled, which is super exciting for those of us with small rooms! This arrangement also seems to be letting more natural light in, which is yet another bonus! I am also enjoying the fact that more of the wallpaper is visible because that is definitely my favorite feature of the room. Sometimes a few small changes can make all the difference in the atmosphere of a room.

Feeling inspired? Here are a few other bedrooms that we wouldn't mind laying our heads in:

A room filled with various shades of mint and teal? Um, yes please!

Such a darling little nightstand and light fixture combo. Adding a few statement pieces like this is a great way to jazz up a simple white bedroom.

I am really into the fact that they kept the walls and bedding neutral and added pops of color with bright pillows and prints for the walls.

I love the simplicity of the branch hanging above the bed in place of a headboard.

Feel like doing a little re-decorating or taking a little cat nap?
XO, Stef

May 19, 2014

DIY projects for the home.

Need a spring project? Here are a few cute ideas you could try making to jazz up your home!
Happy Monday, friends!

How adorable is this rustic DIY hanging table? I definitely want to make this.

Need a cute alternative to regular pots? Try planting your herbs inside of old tea tins.

This DIY canvas bag would make the perfect lunch bag or a cute hostess gift at a dinner party.

DIY etched wooden spoons: A great way to jazz up boring kitchen utensils.

 How incredible is this DIY floor lamp made from a branch?

April 23, 2014

Studio things.

As we announced yesterday, we got our keys to our studio space! Woo! So naturally we have already been busy planning color schemes and doing a little bit of online window shopping (and of course some actual shopping as well!) Our plan is to keep the walls white and add pops of color with some fun pieces of furniture! So far we have been really attracted to minty blues, pinky peach, and coral tones. We want the space to having a clean relaxing feel that we will feel inspired to work in. Here are a few pieces that we have been dreaming about (and may have already purchased!)

mint cabinet  /  plant print  /  magazine organizers  /  coral chair  /  office organizer house plant pillar candle set pastel candle holders long table faux sheepskin rug  /  pink corner cabinet

April 9, 2014

Studio Inspiration.

It's been a busy week over here, getting ready to move into our studio space next week! The first thing we are going to do is give the entire space a much-needed coat of paint and then it will be time to fill the space and make it our own, and we can hardly wait! We've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest, gathering inspiration and thought we'd share some of our favorites today.
A large table and colorful chairs will be a necessity to work and play at.

Lots of natural light, beautiful hardwood floors and plants galore.

Obviously there will be a well-stocked bar for all of the entertaining we plan on doing!

There will be lots of white in our new space, but not to worry, there will be many pops of color. How good is this color combo?

We are going to need a nice big rug and lots of comfy seating options...and maybe a studio pet?

We have four giant windows and can hardly wait to pick out window coverings for them. These ones from Urban Outfitters are so stunning.

March 20, 2014

Cozy corners.

It's officially the first day of Spring and we couldn't be happier!! I am sure many of you will agree with us when we say that this has been one long winter and it has definitely taken it's toll on us by sucking up a lot of our creative energy, but that is all about to change! Spring is here now and we have already started brainstorming new exciting projects for the upcoming season. It's all still in the beginning planning stages now, but as soon as we get the details ironed out we will be sure to share what we are working on with you!

In the meantime, here are some inspiring interiors with exceptionally cozy corners to get your creativity flowing on this lovely spring day:

Stacks of magazines + a rustic slab of wood = an innovative way to make a unique display shelf.

The tropical tree and pink chair combo make this corner very inviting.

Cute print and pretty things surrounding this adorable workspace.

Totally loving the pop of orange the chair brings to this space.

In case you haven't noticed yet, we are both major suckers for big plants right now. They always manage to brighten up a space!

Hope you're enjoying this Spring day, lovelies! XO

February 20, 2014

Lovely living rooms

Since we have both been spending an unnatural amount of time indoors because of this terribly cold winter, we've both got the itch to do a little interior re-decorating at our homes and have been on the hunt for inspiration. Here are a few of our favorites.
We are really loving the layout of this cozy living room, especially the unique pieces.

This is a fantastic open concept living / dining space. Also, super cute spot for log storage.

How dreamy would it be to read a book on that window seat?

Oversized cushions for casual floor seating is always a good idea in my opinion.

Whoa, this living room is absolutely stunning. I can't get over the height of those ceilings! So dreamy.

January 29, 2014

Pretty planters.

Oh summer, where are you?! Since we've been trapped indoors for what feels like an eternity, we are trying to add as much greenery as possible to our interiors. Here are some pretty unique plants and planters that we would be more than happy to incorporate into our decor:

This is a fantastic idea; get a collection of different types of plants in a mix of complimentary pots. I'm really into this eclectic look.

These geometric planters are pretty incredible. I especially love their pretty pinky tones.

Whoa, a lamp garden?! I didn't know such a thing existed!

Gahhh these retro wire plant stands are to die for!

January 5, 2014

Interior inspiration: Mixing textures.

One of our favorite decorating themes lately is mixing different textures together, like soft furs with rustic woods and big waxy leafy plants with smooth white walls. Here are a few gorgeous spaces that we have been drooling over as of late:

Absolutely love this cozy combo of fur rugs and pillows with that rustic wood palette couch. The perfect winter hangout spot.

 Thick shag rug + a brick feature wall = retro perfection.

 The rustic texture of this record player is out of this world.

This bedroom has the best mix of rustic textures with modern design.

 Another beautiful example of mixing furs and roughly chopped wood.

Love the pairing of the brick walls with the smooth simple concrete floors. Also isn't this one of the most incredible living rooms ever? I can't get over that hanging chair.

Why is everything just better with plants?

Hope you all are having a lovely cozy weekend! xo

November 24, 2013

You make a better door than a window.

Can we just talk about how important natural lighting is? From a girl that has horrible light in her home, the thought of huge windows and such soft light pouring in makes my heart almost skip a beat. One day...
Oivay. That exposed brick and that window, kind of looks too good to be true.

Everything about this space is dreamy!

Such dreamy natural light in this gorgeous space.

We love the pop of yellow against all the white!

This space is so pretty!

November 13, 2013

Let's hibernate.

As the temperatures continue to drop here, I find myself spending more and more time nesting at home (or perhaps some would say, preparing to hibernate for winter.) One thing that always gets me through those long white winter months is plenty of green plants indoors, lots of warm rugs underfoot and plenty of woolly blankets. Here are a few pretty interiors that I wouldn't mind locking myself in until the spring thaw:

I would have no problem baking the winter months away in this cute kitchen.

Excellent pop of color with the chairs and rug. Also, I really wish my hanging plants were that big.

Love the big bold print in this cozy space.

 The apartment of Alexis Georgopoulos is pretty dreamy. Especially that killer bookshelf jam packed full of books.