April 4, 2011

Stefanie & Emery's Honeymoon!

Since Erin just got back from her gorgeous Thai honeymoon,
I got a bit of honeymoon nostalgia myself,
so I thought I would share some of my honeymoon photos from back
in June 2009.

Emery and I finally tied the knot on June 7th, 2009 after dating for 5 years! We got engaged in September and planned to have our wedding in June because we knew we were going to go to Europe for our honeymoon, and nothing beats Paris in the springtime! These photos are from our month long excursion to different cities in France, Spain, Malta, and Italy!

Officially hitched!
We had our rings on, packed our bags, and hopped on a plane to Marseilles, France the next day!
We had celebratory wine and champagne during the flight!

Several hours later we had arrived at our first stop and our first hotel, in Marseilles, France.
We loved the stunning view of the rooftops from our balcony.

 While we were in Marseilles we ate on patios and checked out the local markets.

We tried some of the delicious french baking that was calling to us from
every boulangerie window.

 We rode the glittery french carousels...

...and we went to the outdoor book festival where there were benches made of cardboard.

 Then we decided to take a short boat ride to some islands just off the south of France,
including the old prison Chateau D'If.

We spent the day soaking up the rays on the sunny island shores.

Then we hopped on a train to Barcelona, Spain!

...where we got another great hotel, with another spectacular view!

In Barcelona we found a fantastic Spanish flea market filled with gems that 
I wished I could have taken home with me!

We spent the evenings walking around to different patios and enjoying the stunning nightlife.

After several days in Barcelona we jumped aboard our week long Mediterranean cruise which took us to Malta, Italy and France!

Our first stop was the island of Malta where we took a tour around
the tiny island on a horse drawn carriage.

We had dinner while watching the Maltese sunset.

Our next stop was Italy!
We threw coins over our shoulders into the Trevi fountain and made wishes.

We ate Italian gelato, relaxed in the sun, and did a lot of walking!

While in Italy we toured to Naples, Livorno, and Rome.
We went to the Colosseum and enjoyed all of the gorgeous architecture and sculptures.
There happened to be a heat wave while we were there, so everyday our temperatures were a sweltering +45C!

Our next stop was in Cannes, France where I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous pastel buildings and the amazing vintage outdoor markets!

Then the ship brought us back to our starting port in Barcelona, where we found yet another hotel to stay in...

... where we spent our days relaxing, reading books and drinking delicious Spanish wine.

After a few days we hopped a flight to Paris! Bonjour, mon cheri!

Of course we had to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and we figured we couldn't take the easy way out and just jump on the elevator, so we decided to walk. So we climbed every single step to the top of the tower, and to celebrate I decided to make one, very expensive,  $11.25 per minute, phone call to my parents... unfortunately, they missed it! Oh well, that's what answering machines are for!

I love Parisian landscapes and window displays...

...almost as much as I love french wine and cheese platters!
Oh, I was in my glory during this moment.

Erin and my other lovely Para Mix co-workers arranged for Emery and I to go on a Parisian scavenger hunt! They packed up a bunch of cards containing clues, maps, and Euros that we were instructed not to open until the specified day!  Aren't they the sweetest?!
After the day finally arrived I eagerly ripped open the first clue which lead to...

A wine and brie picnic in the park...

Then a trip to the infamous 'I love you' wall...

Then a ride on the carousel from Amelie...

And finally a trip to eat a creme brule at the cutest little cafe where Ameile was filmed!
(not to mention a night's stay at the most gorgeous Parisian hotel!
Thanks again girls! I love you ladies!)

 We took a day trip to Versailles and took a peek inside Marie Antoinette's palace.
I am such a sucker for Sophia Coppolla's film, Marie Antoinette, but seeing the castle in real life was beyond breath-taking! There were crystal chandeliers for days...

On one of our last days in France we got the devastating news that Michael Jackson had died by reading these french headlines. I immediately found the nearest payphone and called my brother back home because he was probably the biggest MJ fan ever. By that evening beautiful Michael Jackson tributes had popped up all over the Marseilles harbor. It was such a surreal way to end our last night in Europe!

P.S. We can't wait to go back...

Love, Stefanie


  1. awww the scavenger hunt is such a cute idea! i'm curious as to how it worked... i know if it was me i'd be ridiculously lost, i'm horrible at scavenger hunts!!

  2. wow stef, amazing honeymoon photos! looks like a dream! by the way, the voicemail message you left on our answering machine from the top of the eiffel tower is still on our answering machine, heaven help the person who dares erase it!!

  3. aww looks lovely! I love your bangs <3 I wish my bangs laid like yours, when I cut mine they are stick straight :P

  4. What an amazing honeymoon. It makes me want to revisit Paris and Italy and see Spain.

  5. amazing! i hope my honeymoon is that breathtaking, i felt like i was watching a movie, beautiful!