August 19, 2011

Life aquatic.

 At the beginning of August we took a little family trip to Falcon Lake! Every summer Emery's 
family books a cabin and we all try to make it out for a little bit of family time and some good, 
old-fashioned relaxation. This year the cabin was booked for the beginning of August, so we managed to sneak away for 2 days because this was only a few days before we moved into our new store. It felt great to get out of the city and unwind before jumping into our new business venture! It was the perfect little getaway!

This is how we spent our lazy lake days:
Emery and I went for an early morning canoe ride.
We packed a little picnic and ate breakfast on the water.
 We baited our hooks and cast our rods...
....and we fished!
Unfortunately, we didn't have much luck! Oh well.
 So we decided to just relax and enjoy the calm waters instead.
In the evening we enjoyed a delicious wine and cheese cocktail hour.
Here is a little fact about me: cheese is totally my guilty pleasure! I don't think I could ever
eat enough! It's not exactly a secret either, so my family and friends always tease me about this, ha! This cheese platter was definitely a little taste of heaven.
 Here I am in my complete and utter glory.
This cute guy is my little nephew Finley! His pretty mama is my sister-in-law, Britt,
and in this photo they are enjoying a waltz together! Aren't they the cutest dance partners ever?!
What a guy.
Relaxing at the beach (or just another excuse to bust out one of my favorite vintage bathing suits!)
Enjoying iced coffees by the water with my other sister-in-law Rhandi, and her boyfriend Gion.

We seriously had the best time and we can't wait until next year!
(...and hopefully next year we will actually catch a fish!)

Love love,


  1. I love your boater hat. Also that Finley looks like such a little button, I could just eat him up!

  2. What a fun trip! I love lake vacations! :)

  3. That looks like a TON of fun, I wanna go to that lake! ;)

  4. This seems like such a neat trip to go on. I always look forward to our families lake trips...there is just something really sweet about it.

  5. I love this set of pictures. YOu've completely captured the moment.

  6. this truly does look like a perfect little getaway!

  7. These remind me of photos from the 70s that my mum and dad have of their holidays in Spain. They have such a great holiday feel about them!

  8. Love the lighting in the pictures! Is I edited in hindsight or a setting?

  9. This looks like a lovely getaway :) Just what you needed before the big opening!

  10. Awh, thanks guys! :)

    Katherine - That's funny that you said that, because the camera that we used is actually an old Canon from 1975!

    Leila - Thanks doll! The camera is an old film camera so it gives a very soft and dreamy effect, so I didn't have to edit them too much. I just brightened them up a bit because they scanned a bit darker than they actually were!

  11. Love the vintage bathing suits, combined with the style of photography this looks like a magazine out of the 60s or 70s. Love love love.