September 23, 2013

Backyard beauties.

We know it's officially Fall, but the weather has been pretty lovely around these parts lately and we're having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that another Summer is behind us. That plus the fact that we are going overseas to warmer temperatures in three weeks has us wanting to be hanging around outdoors. How dreamy are these backyards?
This perfect set was from Anthropologie's catalogue. I just love everything about it.

A pool and two diamond chairs, what could be better?

Although it's now sold out, this fireplace from Fab is just that. 

A somewhat simple yet super perfect backyard set up.

A wall of potted plants! Photo found here.

Last but definitely not least, this picture perfect pool area...what dreams are made of. Take me here.
Photo source unknown.


  1. I want that wall of potted plants!! Thanks for the fun pics!

  2. the wall of potted plants... looks amazing. I do wonder how difficult that is to water though...
    love the blog btw.. if you're ever interested in guest blogging, we'd be honored to have you on our Vintage directory/blog :)

  3. Hi ladies! I've been a longtime reader of your blog (i love it!) and am trying to get my own blog off the ground! I notice you curate a lot of photos/inspiration from other websites/sources and I was just curious if you could explain the basics of copyrights with these images..I will also use pics and inspiration on my blog from other sources and am curious if having the source linked back under the photo is enough to credit the original author, or if you have to contact them before you use their image...??? You are both such a huge inspiration to me and I'd love to get your insight! If you could respond to me in comments section here or email me ( I'd appreciate it so much!

  4. I love these! Really inspires me to do something unique and special with my backyard and make it a place to escape! Beautiful!

  5. That cow above the doorway looks like he has been waiting there a long time! (Rob)

  6. It is wonderful to see again your beautiful building. So much was lost and it is nice to see something to come back to another life
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