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We are so happy to be able to offer sponsorship through our blog and are thrilled to have you here! Thank you for your support! 

A few months ago we received over 150,000 page views in one month, with a high day of nearly 21,000 page views!

Here are some of our current statistics as of December 8, 2014: 
* 10,664 followers on Bloglovin'  
* 4,747 followers on Twitter 
* 5,964 likes via Facebook 
* 14,721 followers on Pinterest
* 73,700+ combined followers on Instagram 

Disclosure Statement: This is a for profit blog. We only accept sponsors and promote businesses that we believe to be a good fit with our blog. Any items that have been sent to us free-of-charge are marked with "c/o" in our outfit posts.

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