August 27, 2015

What Erin's been up to this Summer

I can't even believe that August is quickly coming to an end. Summer has whipped past, but August in particular has slipped between my fingers! Oh what a wonderful Summer it has been. One of the best, that's for sure. Here's a little peek at what I've been doing these days away from my computer.
I have been helping my uncle purge and clean his house for the past couple of weeks on and off in preparation for my cousin's wedding which will be on his yard this week! In doing so, I came home with a huge stack of new vinyl from his huge collection. Billie Holiday and this one here are two of my favourites from the bunch.

Brunch on my sister's new porch with my dear old friend Janelle who was visiting from Montreal for a week.

I've had a lot of time to set up my still somewhat new apartment. 

Of course I've managed to get some much needed sun! Our weather has been pretty magical this Summer.

Greenhouses with my love. The man who "doesn't see the point of flowers".

Summer wouldn't be complete without watermelon and rollkuchen! If you're not familiar with this doughy piece of Heaven, you really should be. Deep fried dough with the special sauce, which is two parts brown sugar to one part whipping cream. A-mazing.

On the topic of delicious food, I also ate these unbelievable deep fried pickles. I had the pleasure of going to the Winnipeg Folk Festival for one day, and got to listen to Bahamas, Kurt Vile and Shakey Graves. 

I got a new swimsuit from Asos just in time for a few heatwaves!

No shortage of pool days this year.

Summer wouldn't be complete without picking peas from the garden and shelling them by the pool!

More time spent finding homes for things in my home.

I've had the pleasure of making new friends and breaking in my sunroom. This is my friend Izzy, and she's kind of the best. While we were drinking tiki drinks and listening to the rain, my shelves on the wall came crashing down out of nowhere, breaking all of my new potted plants. 

I put up new shelves in my sunroom a few days later, and re-potted the plants!

Another things I did this Summer was go sailing with Gareth! It was on our list of things to do together, so he signed us up, and away we went! 

Off to Gimli on an overcast day. This was our boat for the day!

Sailing was so much fun! Something I can definitely see us getting more into. I mean why wouldn't I, with a skipper as cute as a button?

Speaking of buttons, I mentioned earlier that I've been helping my uncle, and part of that project was dealing with "his room" which is a room that was filled to the brim with amazing old tins and collectibles, matchbooks and knick knacks galore. I was in Heaven, but I definitely had my work cut out for me trying to organize it all. These were some of my favourite things I came across.

More sunroom time. This was taken a few days when they says were pitch black at noon before we got hit with a monsoon-like storm!

Tiny tea parties have been a constant in my life this Summer as I've been spending time with Gareth's two little girls. It's been pretty incredible getting to know this big part of his life.

Well folks, that's all for now. I'm off to run errands for my cousin's wedding this weekend! We have the rehearsal dinner tonight, and relatives are flying in as we speak! Time to get this party started!
Xo, Erin

August 23, 2015

Our last pop up, and the next.

A few weeks back, we participated in the second Wildwood Rose Vintage Festival. The first few hours were great. There was an amazing turn out and the sun was shining temporarily. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in, and before we knew it the rain came and put an end to our day. There was one point where we saw a wall of rain out of nowhere and in the 20 seconds we ran to get our giant tarp to cover everything, it was too late. Everything got soaked, so we spent the rest of the day doing laundry and wiping everything down. That said, it still was a pretty fun day, and we are looking forward to the next event which is only a week away!

Next Saturday, find us here:
The Good Will Social Club at 625 Portage Ave for the "Smart Design Mart". We'll be there with a bunch of our friends from noon until 5, so come and find us! Click this Facebook page for more info.

All set up!

This girl's outfit was so on point - roller-skates and all.

 The day started out nicely, and we are getting pretty quick at setting up!

Unfortunately we are the only ones there without a tent to cover us, so this massive tarp helped...a little bit. At least friends showed up!

Thank goodness for wine and good friends to get you through the day!
See you at the next one, which thankfully is indoors (and sangria is on special!) so it won't matter what's going on outside, it'll be a party on the inside!

Hope to see you there!
XO, Erin & Stef

July 31, 2015

Dunton Hot Springs, the wedding.

Alright, here's part 2 of my trip to Dunton - the actual wedding! And what a wedding it was!
Introducing Christeleny and Michael Berner!

A beautiful waterfall behind us and a handsome man on my arm, I truly felt like I was on cloud 9.

Wild daisies everywhere you looked.

Champagne with pals right before the bride came down the aisle.

The beauty of a bride and her father who stole the hearts of everyone that weekend.

Lounging around in the library after the ceremony.

Gareth, Christeleny (the most beautiful bride) and me.

Glassware and beautiful flowers as far as the eye could see!

Relaxing with yet another glass of wine before dinner.

Oh, dinner was truly incredible. Roasted beets, the best mushroom bisque i've ever tasted, and roasted rack of lamb with roasted potatoes. 

Dessert was off the charts, naturally.

July 17, 2015

Dunton Hot Springs (Part 1)

Well you guys, I can honestly say that Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado is what dreams are made of. It's one of those magical places that I was lucky enough to spend 4 days at with my love, but chances are high that I will most likely never get the chance to go back. I wish that photos would do it justice, but they won't, but i'll try anyway because this place was too amazing to not show you guys.

Gareth and I were 2 of 40 people invited to a very intimate 4 day wedding in Dunton. Gareth had been friends with the bride Christeleny when he lived and worked in New York for a year, a few years back. I had the chance to meet Christeleny this Winter in New York, and I somehow made the cut to be invited to this extravagant event.

We arrived at this fairy tale camp site on Thursday afternoon and spent a few hours settling in and meeting the other guests. Of course there were cocktails too.

This bar in the saloon (yes there was even a saloon) had Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's names engraved in it. Apparently they hid out here drinking whiskey after a heist in nearby Telluride, Colorado.

Exploring the beautiful venue.

And this, my friends, was the mind-blowing hot springs. They built this incredible building around one of the hot springs and it's connected to a second hot spring just behind where I stood taking this photo. 

As if this place is real. I sat in the hammock a fair amount, in between dips in the 105 degree pool of course.

I still can't believe this place was my temporary home for a few nights.

This was our cabin for the time we were there. It was pretty incredible. As was this view. 

It was hard to get a good shot of the inside, but Gareth snagged this panoramic shot.

The second day we started off with a good ol' fashioned horseback ride! All suited up and ready to ride! I hadn't ridden a horse in over 20 years and was a little nervous, but my horse "mama" was super chill and did all the work while I sat there and took in the breathtaking beauty surrounding me.

Look at this cowboy!

It's no surprise, but the food during the entire weekend was out of this world. This was from a lunch before we went for a hike. Fish and pork tacos - so incredibly delicious.

And then we hiked! First we checked out the waterfall that was a 5 minute walk away from our cabin.

Then we hiked (with our new friend Ana Maria) until we hit the end of Geiser Trail. I guess I figured it would be a little more "Old Faithful" and less of a murky pool, but the hike did not disappoint. It started pouring rain and then it hailed, but we had a wonderful time and made it out alive. 

He's a pretty great hiking partner, and just partner in general.

Ok you guys, I would apologize for the photo overload, but in this case, there's no way i'm going to do that. Stay tuned for even more photos from the actual weekend coming up soon!

XO, Erin