June 25, 2015

Quick trip.

This past week I got to escape rainy Winnipeg and head out East. I had the pleasure of visiting our Nation's capital - Ottawa, for 3 nights and Toronto for 2 more nights. Gareth was working at the Ottawa office for the week so we thought it would be fun if I could go and meet his co-workers and see where he works when he's there. I knew Ottawa would be a pretty city, but I was completely blown away by how beautiful it was. I spent my days walking, for hours on end just slowly getting to know the city.

The first day that I got there, Gareth surprised me by taking me to Le Nordik Spa just outside of Ottawa in Chelsea, Quebec and it left me feeling like a relaxed floppy fish in the best way possible. If you're close by, I highly recommend checking it out. Sorry for this blurry pic, but I quickly snapped it   and could have cared less to take another, I just wanted to get outside!

It was conveniently rib fest while I was there. One of the first things I did was grab a plate of pulled pork and ribs, and head for the river.


Rotatoes at rib fest! It took all my strength not to eat these every day. 

Dental hygiene! This guy is truly the best... I'm a sucker for stripes.

I got to see an old pal from Winnipeg while I was there. My friend Glennys and I went for lunch at a place called Backdrop and had such a lovely time!

Such beautiful homes everywhere you looked.

Oh Ottawa, you're so nice. Until next time!

Me, Brittany, Myles and Lauren (missing Matt & Gareth)

Then it was off to Toronto to visit friends! My friend Brittany Hildebrandt and her friend Laurie picked me up from the airport and then Brit and I headed back to her place for lunch and then to the park for a few beverages and to talk about her wedding plans! That night we went to Grand Electric for tacos and met up with one of my oldest friends - Lauren Sellen and her husband Matt! I hadn't seem them in years (with the exception for a brief rendez-vous this Winter, but it hardly counts) and truly had the best time re-connecting. The best surprise of the night was when Gareth showed up, suitcase in tow for a taco and ended up spending the night. The poor guy had missed a connection and then couldn't catch a flight out until the next morning, but only found this out after waiting 6 hours in the airport. Eventually he came to us, and it was so good to have him by my side!
Leave it to Brittany to get up and take the perfect taco feast picture!

Matt & Lauren. Dream team.

I walked a lot more in Toronto and stumbled across mini eggs! I used to eat these when I was in Hong  Kong and then made them when I opened Kawaii Crepe and have not had them since.

On Saturday, Brit and I went for brunch and then walked for hours and ended up at the back of an art gallery, where Myles' band The Lord Almighty's played an afternoon show. That was followed by more beers with friends on a patio on the perfect Summer day. We happened to bump into a bunch of friends from Winnipeg which was pretty random and unexpected!

I poked through lots of shops while I was there and felt so inspired. It really got my wheels turning. How amazing is this barware store? 

My last night there was spent catching up with this dear friend. Ugh, my heart felt so full when I left Toronto. It's so rare for me to have friends that I don't see for years on end, and we don't communicate a tonne, but then we see each other and pick up right where we left off, but are somehow closer than ever. That is the case with this wild woman. I am so proud of her and the things she's doing and the woman she's become. I always feel like we are 19 year old roomates again, the way we laugh till it hurts and get right down to business. It's never useless small talk with this one. And i love that about her. 

Thanks for doing a spontaneous photoshoot of us Matt, you're one of the good ones.

And just like that I was headed to the airport, with Matt & Lauren's dog Petunia in tow. 
Until next time Toronto & Ottawa. Thanks for having me. Kind of fell in love with both of you.

Next week I'm heading to Las Vegas for a few nights, as well as Colorado for a 4 day long wedding! Can't wait to share more pictures with you guys so keep an eye out!
Xo, Erin

June 15, 2015

Feet in the ferns, head in the clouds.

Why hello there! It's been a busy week yet again, jeez Spring is ripping past hey?
I have one more day left in Winnipeg before I jet off to Ottawa & Toronto for a week, and I still have a trillion things to do and I need to pack. Gareth is working in Ottawa and left last night, and I'm meeting him there on Tuesday. The head office of Shopify is there and he goes out every two months or so, and I thought it would be fun to tag along! I'll have Tuesday-Friday in Ottawa and will have the days to myself while he works and I plan on doing a lot of wandering. On Friday I fly to Toronto to visit a few friends, and I can hardly wait! It'll be good to escape the city for a bit, even though things are really good here these days.

I bought this beauty of a record player for Gareth for his birthday a few weeks ago, and I can't get over how pretty it is!

My sister took this photo of Gareth and I on the trampoline a few weeks back. Triple exposure and it turned out so great!

Another exciting thing happened this week - a certain someone bought a new vehicle! The sunroof (aka magic sky control) sealed the deal.

A few nights ago I had a date night to go see Purity Ring. They were so so good live!

Yesterday I purged my closet yet again, and pulled a few beautiful collared gems out of the mix and posted a bunch of new stuff over at Thought Shapes!

This pretty blouse is for sale.

I realized that I have duplicates of most of my favorite things, and that's one too many. Who needs two fireplaces, two record players, two bikes, etc etc. So, if you are here in Winnipeg, check out Kijiji where you can find a bunch of my really wonderful pieces that were really hard to part with. Go to our Facebook page and click the links in the photo descriptions. 

A few more housewares over at Thought Shapes. Seriously, go shop! 

June 3, 2015

Upcoming vintage festival!

Good morning! Well, we're so pleased to announce our next event that is just around the corner! We are participating in Winnipeg's first vintage market this Friday from 5-9pm at Old Market Square in the exchange district. There are over 30 vendors that will be setting up shop for the evening, and we could not be more excited! You can check out the Facebook event page here for more information. Cross your fingers for sunny weather. 
It's been a lonnnng Spring of not feeling creative, and being a little down in the dumps about not doing anything, or really wanting to for that matter. That is all about to change. Friday will mark the start of a new beginning, a new direction for Oh So Lovely. We have been working on a new backdrop and our creative juices are overflowing now. We can hardly wait to hit the ground running on Friday afternoon. Thanks for not giving up on us over the past few months, it means a lot.
See you Friday!
XO, Erin & Stef

May 29, 2015

Where did May go?

Oh hi there friends! Long time no see, yet again. The past two weeks have been such a complete whirlwind of packing and moving and birthday parties, but I finally found some time to sit down and write a little update.  This past week was particularly a doozy and I've been extremely accident prone! First I got hit by a car... I was walking and had the right of way and a guy didn't see me and I ended up bouncing off of his hood. Just a bruised hip from that thank goodness! Then I fell down stairs at work and got a huge bruise on my butt, and finally I had an incident with a door and cut a huge chunk of my ankle off.  Ha. What a week. Yesterday I took a much needed nap and decided I should just stay indoors to make sure I don't get hurt.

I don't have a lot of closet space in my new home, so i've decided to sell off all my sweatshirts over at Thought Shapes for $20! The discount can only be applied to sweatshirts and if you live in Winnipeg I can deliver or you can pick up. Use the code "LILACWEEK" for $15 off sweatshirts, and if you want a tee, use the code "TEETIME" for $5 off!
Side note, I've been stealing my neighbours' lilacs like crazy. My new home has never smelled better! 

Not only have I been moving, I've also been working for my mom who is an interior painter. I somehow managed to get a lot of bruises and paint on me this week.

It's always more fun when you get to paint colors you like! This was a porch floor we got to paint in the tea house in Rosenort a few weeks back.

This was my last night spent in the Bate building, my home for the past year. I'm not moving again for a long time.

Why would I, when this is my new bedroom!?

Slowly finding homes for things. My sunroom is hands down my favourite room in my apartment. 

Look at my amazing view!

This past week my grandma celebrated her 80th birthday! My mom, aunt and some of my cousins spent the day before the party prepping and making "fancy sandwiches" which was one of my grandma's requests for her tea party with 100 of her nearest and dearest friends. I learned that my grandma used to work at the Nutty Club here in Winnipeg when she was in her early twenties, and her and her friend would sneak 2 or 3 prizes in every crack jack box!

It was also Gareth's birthday this past weekend, and I had a bunch of his close friends over for dinner and drinks. I made deep-fried pickles for the first time, and they turned out so great!

Nothing like a midnight bike ride with a cute boy to poach the neighbours' lilacs.

I made the best grilled cheese ever yesterday with pulled pork and cheese on the inside and out obviously.

Alrighty, that's all I got for now. It's back to unpacking for this face, and then i'm going to meet my friends' new baby! 

XO, Erin