December 15, 2014

Erin's wishlist.

Well, every year we put together a wishlist before our birthdays and Christmas- you know, for those clueless ones in your life ;) and this week I finally finished mine. This week not only did I quit my job at Market Burger, Stef and I are closing the shop down, and I am turning 30! It's a week that I'm sure I won't forget, but am also kind of excited to get over with! I think I may ring in the new year doing a little online shopping...

You can shop these items here:
One - Sweater
Two - Earrings
Five - Chandelier
Six - Purse
Seven - Black boots
Eight - Oxblood boots
Eleven - Jacket
Twelve -  Vintage spice rack
Thirteen - Slippers

December 12, 2014

Sup, Friday!

Another week gone by and another week closer to Christmas! Eep! Every year I say that I'm gonna be ahead of the game but looks like that ship has sailed, yet again! Oops! I guess I'll be hitting up the busy malls this weekend. What about you guys, are you all ready for the holidays?
Here is some inspiration to start your weekend off right:
Wish this cute cozy corner was in my living room! (Rug wall hanging available at Urban Outfitters)

 Need a new cocktail recipe for the holiday season? Well try this one for grapefruit champagne cocktails with sage simple syrup. Not only is it pretty, but it tastes delicious as well!
recipe here:

A little touch of greenery makes all the difference. Even better that it's on an adorable plant stand!

 Egg & avocado toasts. So simple, yet so delicious.
Recipe found via Design Love Fest.

 Who doesn't love a pop of mint?

The cutest bookends I ever did see! You can buy them over at Anthropologie.

Have a good weekend, friends! Stay warm! XO

December 8, 2014


We are excited to share a familiar friend from around these parts, our feature sponsor for this month - Doppelstandard! You may remember it under a different name - Standard Vintage, but it's back here and better than ever!
Doppelstandard was founded in 2011 by Andy as a platform to share his perspective on fashion, vintage, art and design. Based in New York, Doppelstandard is an independent lifestyle women’s boutique that highly curates fun and cutting edge multinational designer labels with vintage pieces from Japan . Soon Andy developed a fashion concept that would merge the vintage ideas with contemporary stylings, inspired by the street looks from New York and Tokyo. The name Doppelstandard encompasses this “style paradox” that two seemingly opposed concepts, when joined together, can create a unique and elegant new street style.

You can follow Doppelstandard here:

December 3, 2014

Shop Life.

So most of you probably know, but some of you still might not, but we are closing the doors to Rhymes With Orange in just under 3 weeks! It's so bittersweet, we have grown so much and learned even more in the past three years, but it really is time to move forward. 
That said, our partner Doug is officially out of the picture and we have the entire space to ourselves for the last month! We are putting new stuff out (and a lot of it!) every day and today we put out a huge batch of housewares that we had in storage. It's kind of exciting having the whole space to fill and we are cleaning and putting up Christmas decorations and re-doing our displays like maniacs, but it's starting to look really wonderful in here. Because Doug is gone that means that the majority of our men's section is gone, but we have saved up a few really great wool and plaid button ups. 

Everything in the shop is buy one get one 50% off!
We also just added a very large section of things that are only $10 a piece.

We are open every day from 11:00-6:00 and closed on Sundays. Come find us at 223 McDermot Ave and take advantage of our sales and get stuff while you can!

For those of you worried that you won't be able to shop from us anymore, not to worry! We will be launching a new online shop in January, as well as doing monthly pop up shops in our studio! We will be posting more information about that in the coming weeks. Who doesn't like to shop with a glass of wine and some cheese in their hand? 

We're suckers for mismatched vintage mugs, and these ones are now in the shop and selling for $5 a pop! 

This beautiful turquoise set of France glasses are $24 for the set of 4. 

This amazing cocktail (or shall we say cock-a-doodle-do) set with roosters on it is in mint shape and only $28 for the set of 6. 

These new brass necklaces are on our shelves and are the perfect stocking stuffer! They sell for $20-$25. The ones with letters come in two different lengths and we still have most letters left.

We will also be adding these bad boys to our Instagram shop just follow along at: @thelovelycloset

Ok, that's all for now. Thanks for checking in.
XO, Erin & Stef