March 2, 2016

Online shop update & other news!

Well hello there old friends! Oh boy, it's been another couple of months since you've seen any sign of us. To say things have been busy would be an understatement. For now the blog is being put on the back burner until things calm down even more. We are happy to report that things are good to the home front! Lots has changed since we were last regularly posting, and we will update you guys as soon as we are ready. Until then, thanks for continuing to check in on us around these parts. It means a lot. Alright, without further ado, here's a look at what I've (Erin) been keep somewhat busy with - a big shop update!

This is a piece I had in my mind for the past year, and this past month I finally got to see it to fruition with the help of my crazy talented sister, Megan of Margot Pollo. I will be making more of them with Meg on Saturday and will be adding more sizes to the shop by Sunday night.

Of course I had to make more of these Coach Taylor sweatshirts too!

These prints on fabric look so great framed or just pinned up! Coming to the shop later today!

 Today I will be adding a wonderful selection of vintage clothes to the shop! If you're in need of a new piece for Spring, come and check out the bold patterns and brightly coloured dresses that I have in store!

I've also loaded up the vintage housewares section, and it's full of super fun, kitschy pieces like the swan measuring cups!

How about a pretty new vintage dress? I've got plenty! (coming soon)

 My sis Meg also printed these baby onesies and sweatshirts that will be available starting April 9 at my Pop up Vintage Sale which is taking place here in Winnipeg at my house. Check out the Facebook event here for more info.
Another peek at the housewares that are now available online!

I have decided that with it being March and all, I should give you guys the chance at another discount! So from now until Sunday, you can use the code "SPRINGTHOUGHTSHAPES" to get 20% off any order over $30! Happy shopping!

XO, Erin

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  1. Oh yay! I am so happy you have updated, I love your blog! And your shop is the cutest.