February 27, 2011

60's Airline outfits.

We wish we could have been flight attendants in 1965, they got to wear the brightest, mod outfits!
We love a little style in the aisle!

Emilio Pucci designed this serving jacket.

This cape is so stunning!

Outfits for Braniff International!

Just lounging around.

What a bunch of leggy ladies!

More Braniff girls.

The ladies of Mohawk Airlines in all their glory.

PSA in all their orange and pink goodness!

Our friend Mary Johnson's mom is in this photo!
Bottom row, she's the third lovely lady from the left!

I wonder if Mary's mom is in this photo too?
And yes, that plane is smiling!

Check out that jumpsuit in the back!

1 comment:

  1. aaah PSA!! so glad you put those photos up Erin. you should check out their interior - insane! total dream job. if only they made planes as happy as they used to.
    your blog gets better & better with each post. cheers!