February 25, 2011

Happy happy weekend!

This week went by even more quickly than the last!
We're both back from our holidays and that means back to work and back to reality.
This also means it's time to get cracking with Olive's renovations and our Etsy store! Keep your eyes peeled!

Speaking of Olive, we're in the process of picking out possible retro wallpaper!

Adorable watermelon hearts are getting us in the mood for summer!
We love to freeze them and blend them with pink lemonade!

 We love getting mail! Beautiful prints and a lovely mousepad arrived this week!

 The lovely ladies of Freshair celebrated their 1st birthday this week!
We love this photo of our friend Nikaela Peters taken by another one of our talented friends-Tristan Fast, for the salon for Spring!

Florida dance dance! If our friend Lauren & Matt's awesome video doesn't get you dancing, nothing will!


  1. good post girls! love the freshair shout-out, and the amazing dance vid.

  2. Those watermelon hearts are adorable and making my mouth water!