February 2, 2011

What's on: our tables.

1. Erin's table is set with a vintage tray, vases & plastic flowers; anthropologie butter dish;
blue bird toothpick holder, salt & pepper couple and wooden mangosteen bought in Bangkok.
2. Stef's table is set with Russel Wright melmac dishes (from my dad!), atomic boomerang 
amoeba glasses, and a vintage ceramic turquoise planter.
3. Stef's Danish mid-century modern teak table.
4. Erin's retro tulip table (unknown model) and 1950's chairs.


  1. only thing missing is hot dog spaghetti!

  2. Oh my goodness- I want to come to each of your homes! I just read all the posts on your blog to date. LOVE the images of inside your homes. It's what I wish my house looked like. You both clearly have a great eye for design.
    Love your blog! I'll be following!