April 29, 2011

Things we love.

The perfect way to end a week is by sharing a few pretty things we love:

This print couldn't be more perfect if we had made it ourselves!
We need to have this in our homes! It is our life motto after all!

While we are on the topic of must-have prints, check out these beauties...

We already love these movies, but these minimalistic posters make them even better!

We can't get enough of this amazing trench coat!

 This wacky radio, called the "Toot-a-Loop" was made in 1972 and was designed to be worn like a bracelet around the wrist or carried like a purse! What a fashion statement that would make!

 Yes, we know that we already have enough cute, fun, little summer dresses, but we couldn't resist drooling over this one from Modcloth! It's absolutely stunning and we love everything about it, right down to it's name: the 'Ordinary Happy Moments Dress' ...which seems completely fitting!


  1. Hahaha I love those prints - took me a second with the ET one :)

  2. "O.R. they?" YES!!!!!!!!!!! this is why i love this blog!!!

  3. I STILL have that radio!!!

    Love your blog.