April 6, 2011

Window of opportunity.

We love to display our favorite things on our narrow, sunny window sills!
Here's a peak at what's on them!

 Stefanie's window sill:
My little bonsai tree which was a gift from Emery a few years ago,
an old summer photo of us, a thrifted vintage bullet planter full of little plastic flowers,
and a little crystal bird that once belonged to my grandma.
And it's all surrounded by a set of 50's floral cafe curtains (that are original to our house!)

Erin's window sill:
Thrifted plastic flowers galore! I have a crazy amount of plastic flowers in my home... 
It's starting to get a little out of hand.
The orange speckled vase is thrifted, and the metal tins are from Jysk.
My curtains are thrifted too!


  1. So sweet! Loved this little peek into your world! xoxo

  2. Oh me!! How i missed such an amazing blog?? I'm sooo happy to discover this wonderful, inspirational,heart warming blog! Very nice to meet you ladies!