May 1, 2011

10 reasons to watch Viva Las Vegas.

Ten reasons to watch Viva Las Vegas (1964) starring Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret:

1. You get to catch a glipse of Las Vegas during it's prime in the sixties.

2. Ann-Margret plays a swimming instructor which means there are many cute retro swimsuit sightings.

3. You get to see Ann-Margret looking cute as a button with her fun sixties hairstyles. We think it's about time that high ponytails tied with ribbons make a comeback!

4. Most ladies can't resist the charms of Elvis, but Ann-Margret is the exception. You get to see him relentless pursing and serenading her. Sigh.

5. The unbelievable outdoor patio furniture! Wow, we can't get enough of those pink and white aluminum umbrellas! We just about died when we saw this scene! Where can we get our hands on one of those?!

6. The silly stunts!

7. Wardrobe wardrobe wardrobe. Check out the cute matching cropped top and skirt combo she's rockin' here!

8. A sixties movie wouldn't be complete without a fun song and dance sequence! In this scene they are dancing on a giant roulette wheel!

9. The beautiful California scenery. We live in Manitoba, so we really enjoy watching movies in tropical settings.

10. The stunning interiors. Turquoise acorn fireplace. Enough said.


  1. this is good. real good. i love this post... post more about retro movies... it's so hard to know which ones are worth it to watch!

  2. never seen this movie but im so intrigued by the fashion! love the retro look :)

  3. Haha! I've never seen "Viva Las Vegas" personally. But I do enjoy movies from that particular period in America's history for the very reasons (wardrobe, interiors) that you mentioned!

  4. I love Elvis! He is my favorite! :)

  5. so beautiful! i wish i could have lived this era.

  6. This is one of my favorite movies and reading this has made me want to watch it tonight for probably the 30th time, haha.