May 8, 2011

To our favorite ladies.

We just wanna take this time to say happy mother's day to all of the mamas out there, and give a special mention to ours! We know that it sounds cliche, but we both think our mamas are the most amazing ladies in the world, and we don't tell them that enough! We feel so blessed to have them as part of our lives, and not a single day goes by that we don't think about them. They are always there to inspire us, encourage us, and support us, and it's pretty special to have someone in our lives that we know will always be there to do that. We know being a mother can sometimes feel like a thankless job and that many things have to be sacrificed, but we want you to know that we don't take any of what you do for us for granted. You are so special to us, and we cherish every morning brunch, every girls shopping date, every evening phone call, and every long talk over a glass of wine. There is something so magical about a mother-daughter relationship, that nothing in the world could ever replace.

I love you mom! Happy mother's day! 

Love always,
Stef & Erin

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