June 29, 2011

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

Why hello friends! We thought we would take a minute and talk to you about our last couple of days, which have been a whirlwind! We told you about Monday’s festivities, but yesterday was almost as crazy! We started off the day with a thrift store tour around Southern Manitoba again. It was really nice to escape the city and spend the sunny day in the country, sifting through small town mennonite’s treasures! Stef and I both have Menno roots, but that is worthy of a whole other post! For those of who have no idea what a Mennonite is, stay tuned!  Anyway, the day started off on a high note, when, at the first store we hit up, Miss newly-quit-her-job-Stefanie stumbled upon a Cathrineholm chartreuse teapot!  We knew right then and there that it was a sign, her quitting her job for Oh So Lovely was the right decision! Cathrineholm lotus print enamelware...it’s just not something you stumble across at a thrift store very often, if ever! Cathrineholm is up there on our list of DREAM thrift items (stay tuned for an actual list in the near future.) Ok, so after that we made our way in a rectangle around the southern half of our lovely province, with a stop at a dingy restaurant in a tired old town which gave us the second wind that we needed! We zipped back home to do an interview over the phone with the Globe & Mail, which is one of two National newspapers here in Canada!

Speaking of Canada, it’s almost July 1!  Which means we will be out at the Osborne street festival , where they shut down the street for a giant red & white birthday party for our beautiful country! Stef and I have both participated in the festival for the past 3 years together at Para Mix (and 3 more for me!) and it has always been a fantastic day!

Canada Day 2010.

We’re so thrilled to be out on our own this year, spending the day with our trailer, Olive!
Make sure you come and check us out between 10am and 10:30pm if you are close by.
Also, be sure to come to Music Trader at 5:30pm to watch our friends, The Ripperz play!
After that we're going to sneak away from our trailer to watch Stef's brother Dan's band New Renaissance perform at 9:30, it's going to be the best day, we hope you can come!

Also, we were sent a link to this beautiful video featuring a wonderful little vintage shop in Tokyo, called Pass the Baton. Check it out here:

Happy Wednesday everyone!
xo, Erin & Stef


  1. did you buy the giant shopping cart of heads? i need some.

  2. hahaha! unfortunately we didn't... what are you using 'em for QM??

  3. oh myyyy stumbling across your blog has completely made my afternoon!!

    it is 100% lovely & i am officially following, ladies.

    lots of love from sunny fl,
    ♥ erin jessie of
    dreaming dandelion

  4. i love pass the baton! that man is spot on