June 3, 2011

Mad Men party dresses.

Tomorrow we are having our grand opening party of our trailer for our families and a handful of friends, and this can only mean one thing...time for a new dress! We have been a little pre-occupied with Olive and trying to finish her interior, but we're taking a little break to scope out some potential beauties! We kind of wish we had seen these a few weeks earlier!

Someone please give this amazing piece a home already!

Happy Friday lovelies!
Wish us luck for tomorrow, hopefully the rain stays away, and things run smoothly!

xo Erin & Stef


  1. Oh the last one is definitely my favorite!! I love the mustard stripe on the bottom too! :-)

    Happy (early) grand opening!! I wish I could be there and see the trailer in all of its glory!

  2. the first dress with the bow! wow! stunning.

  3. This totally makes me want to live in the Mad Men era. : )

  4. These are all gorgeous. I especially love the green 1940s dress with pleats. I am sure you sold it at your grand opening.