June 26, 2011

Poolside beauties.

Two ladies by the Canellopoulos penthouse pool, Athens, July 1961.

When we wanted to find pictures of 50's & 60's beauties sitting by the pool, we knew to look no further than Slim Aarons, because nobody did poolside photography like him.

 Babe Paley in 1959 at her cottage in Jamaica.

Chatting poolside.

  "Photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places"
This was Slim Aarons' motto for life, and did he ever!

 Amazing cat-shaped pool at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami, circa 1955.

 Nothing better than a coconut on a hot day!

Dolores Del Rio floating in a swimming pool in Acapulco, 1952. 

 Everything about this is perfection.

 Oh how we wish we could sit poolside with Slim Aarons.

 Striped beauty.

 We want to know these girls!

"Two bikini-clad holidaymakers enjoy a glass of wine outside the Carlton Hotel, Cannes."
...We want to be "holidaymakers"!

Happy Sunday lovelies!
We hope you liked our poolside inspiration!

All photos by the talented Slim Aarons, found on google.


  1. Ooooooohhh, this is so gorgeous. I need a new swimsuit!


  2. All the hats! So awesome! And I WANT A CAT SHAPED POOL.

    Fantastic blog! C:

  3. These are such inspiring photos, I love vintage suits but I had no idea they were so skimpy!

  4. Loverly photos, as always! Adore. Wish I looked half as pretty as some of these ladies when I'm lounging by the pool!!

  5. okay,if that cat pool is still around i want to go there ASAP!

  6. love all the wonderful photos. They def put me into a going to the pool mood! & I love love the blog. I'm so glad I came across it :)

  7. what i woudnlt give to live in such a glamouroues ear... the pictures make evrything seem so simple and stressful but oh so glamoroues and chic at the same time. *sigh*