June 20, 2011

Summer in this city.

 This weekend we packed up Olive for the second time (we're getting much faster!) and headed out to Steinbach, MB for their annual festival, "Summer in the City". Originally the forecast called for thunderstorms all weekend, but to our surprise we had the most perfect weather again!

We quickly set up shop on Friday.
Here are a couple of our favorite necklaces for sale, and one of our trays of earrings.
We put the finishing touches inside the trailer and then headed out into the sun!

We made ourselves right at home with a bowl of spitz.

They had one of the cutest ferris wheels we've seen in quite some time.

There were lots of cute rides and games for the kids.

Of course there was cotton candy galore, not to mention six mini doughnut booths!

After the first day of 13 hours in heels and heat, we decided to bring our favorite vintage lawn chairs! 

We really had such a fun weekend; we sold lots of cute gems and met some really amazing people! 
 Make sure you check back on Wednesday to see what we wore to the fair!


  1. ah! best! looks like just the perfect place for you two ladies.

    also, really loving the new touches to the layout. :)


  2. I can't wait to shop at your trailer sometime this summer & say hi :) xo

  3. It was so great meeting you this weekend in Steinbach. Coming across Olive and you two lovelies made my day at the fair. I'm a new follower here. I love to support locals.

  4. can you guys get any cuter? we feel like we are in dreamland when we look at your pictures. SO awesome :)

  5. um ok. you're basically living the life of my dreams. Traveling around in the world's cutest trailer selling adorable vintage items?! and having fun at the world's cutest fairs?! You girls are just too cute. Way to follow your bliss :)
    The House of Shoes

  6. awwww we're blushing! thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

  7. Stefanie is that peter pan collar dress your wearing vintage or what!? You're killing me!!

  8. Awhh thanks Emily! I WISH it was vintage, it's actually from the boutique that I work at! I fell in love with it at first sight: turquoise, peter pan collar, scalloped hem, & ric-rac! DREAM COME TRUE!