June 27, 2011

Thank you! Thank you!

We just wanna say a big thank you to all of you lovely and supportive blog readers for the overwhelming response we got from our free sponsorship offer! Wow! We were totally blown away by the interest and enthusiasm you all showed, so we decided to sweeten the deal so we could include as many people as possible! We still stuck with our original offer and gave the first 15 people who commented a larger ad, but we also decided to give the next 15 people that commented a smaller ad too, so that we could include more people! We already sent out emails to everyone that qualifies, so if you commented, be sure to check your inbox and get back to us with your thumbnails!

We have had a very productive and amazing business day today that we will be sharing the details of very soon! Let's just say that this will be our biggest news yet!!! We are so so psyched! I also quit my day job today so that I can put 100% of my efforts toward pursuing my dream! (This is Stef, by the way!) I can't even believe I did it! I think I'm still in shock! (in the best way possible, of course!)

We also just finished up a very fun interview and photoshoot with our local newspaper, the Winnipeg Free Press! If you live around here be sure to pick up a copy of next Tuesday's paper!

Whew! What a day! Thanks again for all of your fantastic support!
You guys rock.

Stef & Erin


  1. Thank YOU. I am so so excited I got a spot! Can't wait to hear what your big, exciting news is...whatever it is, I'm sure it's fantastic!

  2. You guys are so generous! I adore you. :)

  3. Is there possibly room for one more still?

  4. I am super stoked that I was able to get a spot on this fabulous blog! Congratulations Stef on quiting your day job to pursue your dreams!!! I hope to be doing that someday soon too! Can't wait to hear the big news! ;)

  5. oh no! i must've missed out! count me in next time. i love your blog and what you're about. you inspire me to pursue my dreams, too, even if that's selling one wee headband at a time. steadily plodding!
    your friend in kansas,

  6. Ah did I miss out?? I just found your blog & am in love. (Obvs. I've been reading through your old entries.)

  7. Room for one more still?

  8. great idea, hope you do it again soon :)
    x krystie