July 31, 2011

Color overload? No such thing.

The 60's was an era of mixing bright colors & bold prints on anything and everything, whether it be in in your closet or on your walls! These pictures should inspire you to think outside of a neutral palette:

 Look how charming these ladies look in their colorful prints!

This stunning 60's inspired wedding party spiced things up with different colored tights! We love this unique idea! Infact, the bride behind this amazing wedding just happens to be one of our favorite bloggers, Elsie! Be sure to check out all of the details behind her fantastic wedding here.

Pairing an orange polka dot head scarf with blue & green eye shadow might seem a bit wacky for most of us, but this lovely lady pulls it off effortlessly.

These people definitely weren't afraid of making a bold statement in this retro bedroom!

We absolutely love the style of this dress, not to mention the incredible floral print! We wish this was hanging in our closets, that's for sure!

What about you, what are your favorite bright color combinations?

We hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. my favourites are turquoise and red. i was reading a post the other day where someone had painted there front door bright purple. i thought it was fantastic. i wish more people would experiment with colour. they might just actually like it. love the pictures above. not sure how i would go with the orange carpet??

  2. That first picture looks like my kind of party. Can we go please?

    I'm going to have to say that I love all colors. All mixed into one big pile. I love it all. That's okay right?

  3. For know it must be a rainbow of different corals, pinks and purples.... love that coloroverload!And love your blog, you are the cutest! (I´ve tried to comment before, but it seems that my googleaccount doesn´t work here.. strangest..)

  4. there's no such thing like "enough" color in our lives:D