July 27, 2011

Fringe Life.

 Well, there were definitely moments in the last two weeks that we weren't sure we would make it, but we did! The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is now behind us, and it's kind of bitter-sweet! How do we even begin to sum up twelve days in one blog post? Let's start with the obvious stuff...as hard as it was at times, it was GREAT. 
We met some amazing people, including two wonderful ladies that we have felt like we have known for quite some time, having been following their blogs. The lovely Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest wandered on into our trailer and even took home a couple of treasures! She is even more sweet and bubbly in person than we imagined! 
Also, down the alley from us was another online-turned-real-life friend, Jill of Lune Vintage! She had her amazing pop up shop set up for the whole Fringe Fest too, and is one of the only people who knows how hard a twelve-day festival really is! Not to fret, broken cakettes were eaten, and the occasional party cup was drank, so we survived; together!

Day one...

For those of you who don't live in Winnipeg, the Fringe Festival is a twelve day theatre event that attracts artists and viewers from all over the world! There were 1201 performances in 24 different venues as well as bands, buskers and street performers...and of course the outdoor market!

This is one of the main reasons that the festival was challenging...the extreme weather!
Winnipeg was hit by quite the heatwave and temperatures soared to almost 50 degrees Celsius! 
After the first couple of days, trying to look cute while sweating through our cute dresses, we bust out the cut off shorts and swimsuits! After the heatwave came the wind! Entire tents went sailing down the street! Good thing Olive is solid as a rock and wasn't going anywhere!
(Side-note...this photo was taken at eight in the evening!)

The evenings were always enjoyable, as the temperatures slowly dropped...

Things took a turn for the better when our friend Zoe showed up (note her new OSL skirt!) followed by the random clown! Also note pail of mini donuts, which is what half of our diet for the week consisted of. The other half was made up of our daily poutine from this amazing new poutine shop down the street! The heat had it's plus side, we could eat whatever we wanted and we are almost unrecognisably tanned!

Tonnes of vintage treasures found new loving homes, but if we had a nickel for every time someone asked us how much the suitcases cost, we would be rich!

We will be selling some of it once we move in here though! We were conveniently located right across the street from our future home, Vintage Glory!

We had lots of adorable visitors!

When days were slower we played around with our displays!

 Another visitor! Stef's brother, Dan!

We lounged ...a lot (and managed to break both of our lawn chairs!)

To end things off, the temperatures dropped drastically and it was actually really cold! We borrowed this funny cape to keep us warm!

Whew! What a whirlwind two weeks that was! Thanks to all of our wonderful friends and family who stopped by to visit and bring us snacks and treats! We really appreciated it!

Until next year...



  1. it looks like you guys had fun! we have the fring, of course, here in edmonton, but your fringe seems like it even more fun!!

  2. You two are so gorgeous !!
    It looked like you had a lovely adventure. And you got some really nice snaps to illustrate your time too.
    Really nice post. Really inspiring actually, to read that you are living your dream and having a fabulous time whilst doing so. Thanks for Sharing.


  3. It looks amazing! What an experience!

    (I'm kind of jealous)

  4. Looks like a good time. Love the pictures and love all of your outfits. :)

  5. that looks like SO much fun! i'm VERY jealous! :)

  6. What an adventure - I wish I knew you were there to go visit the trailer! So nice to run across other local blogs :)


  7. You guys are wearing the cutest dress! And I'm loving that "lovely" necklace too. :]

  8. How lovely! You mobile shop is the cutest thing I've seen! I love it's color and I bet it's full of lovely things inside! Where are you going to be selling next? Your pictures are beautiful! Looks like a lot of fun:)

  9. that camper is am EXCELLENT idea for showing your wears at a fair/festival/show.

    if it was that hot i feel so bad for that clown in her suit!!

  10. I would so loved to have been there! You ladies have a lovely setup and a splendid aesthetic!

  11. looks like a blast...you two dress so cute. love seeing pics of your displays.

  12. oh it looks fabulous!! I'm new here and i wish i didnt have to go to work right now as i just want to sit and read your blog alllll day!!! back later!:)

  13. The whole event looked like a blast (excpet for that heat, we are hot as all get out here in Virginia). I would love to have seen all those awesome people and see your shop. Maybe one day I will make it to Canada and then I am hunting you and your shop down!

  14. So happy to have met you lovely ladies. I bought a darling floral apron from Olive during the Fringe. My baking endeavors just got much sweeter!


  15. It looks fun, except for the extreme heat part! You ladies have the best wardrobe, I swear.

  16. It looks fun... I hope i can meet you.. :p


    Irene Wibowo

  17. sounds awesome despite the heat!

  18. Lovely post! I was wondering where your great blue vintage sunglasses are from? I LOVE them! Thanks :)