July 19, 2011

Oh So Lovely featured on Freckled Nest!

We were so excited to walk into our trailer and find Leigh-Ann from the blog Freckled Nest visiting us a few days ago at the Fringe Festival! She is such an inspiration to us and we were pumped to finally get to meet her in person! She is such a lovely lady and we were beyond flattered when she told us that she was in love with Olive! While she was visiting she snapped these amazing photos and even did a post about us today! What an honor!
Take a peek at it here
Thanks again for the gorgeous pictures Leigh-Ann, and we hope our paths cross again very soon!

Stef & Erin


  1. Just stopped by from LA's post! I'm so excited to have found your blog, all the colors are divine! Your little trailer is too adorable.


  2. I am so happy LA blogged about you! I can't believe I've never heard of your lovely blog & shop before. I can't wait to visit some day.

    Question - might you be coming to the Harvest Festival or the Corn & Apple Festival? That would be so exciting. :)

    Have a lovely day!

  3. OMGosh - how lucky are you guys!!! I wanna meet LA soooo bad!!! heehee
    PS: How could you not love olive really...

  4. hey that's awesome!! love leigh-ann's style and blog.

  5. what an oh so lovely site! i'm so glad i followed links...from kyla...to leigh-ann...to you! i'm in love with olive!

  6. I read the Wpg Free Press article on you ladies and was so smitten with your little shop ;) I didn't realize you had a blog. Thanks to Freckled Nest, I've found you ladies. So glad too.

  7. hi Erin & Stefanie! i've just come over from Leigh-Ann's space after seeing her ultra terrific teaser to your swell spot and gosh do i ever love it here! practically did a little pirouette when i saw all the wonderful colors, clothes and design-erific elements!!!! radness on SO many levels plus you're fellow Canadian peeps so it's even more awesome.

    way to go girls, you've got a brand that's coveted massive amounts by me and obviously many, many others. pop up shop in Vancouver perhaps? oh, i can dream : )

    Olive is so pretty; basking in her turquoise glow. happy week wishes! ♥

  8. Welcome everyone! We're so glad you found us, thanks to Leigh Anne...she's such a doll! Thanks for all of the sweet words, we're so flattered!
    xo Erin & Stef

  9. You GIRLIES are adorable!
    Delighted to meet you!
    Popping over from Freckled Nest!
    Leigh Ann also inspires ME!
    Oh...and I love all things VINTAGE!
    Can't wait til your shop opens up.
    I think I need to come up to Winnipeg and find me some VINTAGE love!
    Happy Day to you two lovely ladies!
    Bainbridge Island WA