July 10, 2011

Reasons to invent a time machine.

We love to watch Back to the Future and fantasize about where we go and what we would want to see in our time-traveling DeLorean. Here are five reasons why we are dying to travel backwards instead of forward:

How amazing would it be to spend a night in this kitschy motel? It would be fantastic to
spend a night at this place during it's 60's prime!
 We are suckers for vintage advertising and if we lived during that era we would love
to surround ourselves with mid-century media!
Ah, imagine pulling up to the grocery store in this beauty!
Hearing the crackle of an old transistor radio makes listening to music is so much more magical.
Doesn't it seem like drinking from one of these bottles would be so much more refreshing?
Could someone pretty please invent a time machine already?? *Sigh* Oh, if only...


  1. my mother will only drink coca cola from a glass bottle.
    she believes that its the only way for it to taste good! :P
    i would have loved to own a car like that.. swoon.

  2. If you have room in the backseat can I come too!? All of that would be perfect, throw in a trip to somewhere tropical so I can rock a retro bathing suit and straw beach bag while perusing fashion magazines of the moment and I'll be all set! :)

  3. It's amazing to think that cars so beautiful were an everyday sight! Great post.

  4. I always think "Oh, I would love to live in the 60's. The amazing style, I could be a hippie, I could party with Edie Sedgwick & Andy Warhol in New York..."
    But it wouldn't really be that great, if you think about it. There was still a lot of sexism and racism. Being women, we wouldn't get to do as much fun stuff as we do now. We'd be sooo radical compared to 60's women.
    The technology & medicine wasn't as advanced. I wouldn't want to get sick or injured in the 60's! I wouldn't even want to try to cook. There certainly wouldn't be very many vegan options for me!
    I'm not trying to be a downer, though. I love the photos you shared and I love 60's style as much as you. I guess I'm just kind of a geek and I think about what it would realy be like if we could do stuff like time travel.
    Not to mention- no blogging in the 60's! ;)

  5. I am with you.. let me hitch a ride with you guys. xo hugs

  6. love all the photos! i wonder if generations from now they will think the same of our culture?!

  7. Man I love all those things. I find it interesting how I never lived in those times and still find an incredible connection to them. I'm actually jealous of older people who lived in those wonderful and beautiful decades.