July 5, 2011

Red and white all over.

We were so thrilled to see our romper on Amanda from one of our favorite blogs, 
It was one of our first Etsy sales, and we're so happy it got a good home!

We know it's a couple of days late for a Canada Day post, but we dedicate this Hues-day post to all things red and white!
Love everything about this photo!

This is our absolute DREAM situation. One day we will have a car to match our trailer...

 Orla Kiely, why do you make such beautiful things?

This amazing umbrella would have come in handy today when we got soaked running to our cars!

P.S. We are featured in today's issue of the Winnipeg Free Press on the cover of the Life & Arts section!!! If you are a local, feel free to pick up a copy, but don't worry if you aren't from around here because we will be posting the full article later on today! How exciting!


  1. oh goodness, i just found your blog and so glad i did!
    it really is such a wonderful read.
    congrats on the feature!! that is wonderful.

  2. Congrats on the article.. way to go! hugs xo

  3. i love every bit of this post! Congrats! xoxo