October 9, 2011

Cute coats from 1968.

We can't get enough of the pictures in our Eaton's catalogue, so this Sunday we scanned a few of the amazing coats & jackets for you lovelies to look through!

Nice colors for fall!

Cute hats, coats & gloves? Dreamy combo!

The striped coat is amazing!

That pink jacket and top underneath are so pretty!

This picture was from the little tots' section and we couldn't resist! The colors and the stripes are perfection!


  1. that striped dress is indeed amazing!! so pretty! :) -Lo

  2. i would LOVE that first green coat, and i would love it even more if it were still $39 :P

  3. all of this coats are absolutely fabulous!!! but if i could choose i would take the coat for children it is so colourful and happy and i love this swinging feeling;)
    love and kiss,mary


  4. Adorable! And oh so cheep! I wish coats are still this reasonable. xo, rv


  5. I love the blue coat in the second photo! I didn't even bring my winter coat with me when I moved to Miami, I miss it!

  6. SO cute- I'm in love with these coats! I wish it got cold enough where I live to actually need a coat, but it's pretty rare ;)

  7. oh my cute. why can't they make them like this anymore?