October 11, 2011

Everybody needs a hint of mint!

Mint is one of my all time favorite colors... and you would figure that out the second you set foot into my house! So I thought I would spread a little minty cheer on this lovely Tuesday!

Isn't this the cutest cake box you've ever seen?! I need this in my kitchen! Along with that starburst clock! Wanna know how to make it? Watch the instructional video here!

Minty peep toe.

Mint isn't just a summer color, look how beautiful this fall knit is!

Can this be my next birthday cake pretty please?

Mint Mod. I'm in love!

I haven't been rollerskating in years... but these mint skates are inspiring me to take a spin!

A little peek at my minty kitchen!

xo Stef


  1. i love mint too!! all these pictures are amazing... especially the birthday cake and cake box, which should obviously go together :P

  2. very nice roundup!! i don't give mint enough credit, but i loved all these photos.. it made me re-think mint! :)

  3. Is a nice color, not my fav, but I like a lot the knit and rollerskating :D have a nice day

  4. Those mint skates are to die for. Love them!

  5. Holy Moly...amazing compilation. I loveeeee mint x 10 million. Those roller skates rock my socks!

  6. Oh! The roller skates are awesome! (and I'm with you...the cake box is pretty spectacular!)


  7. I adore mint, probably my favorite color of the moment! That birthday cake looks amazing, yum! And the roller skates are precious, though I can't stand up on a pair of roller skates to save my life!

  8. I love minty shades, too! Love the peek inside your kitchen. :)

  9. i'm liking the MInt! Roller Boots!! I had some as a teenager. They were red and blue, yellow stoppers lol

  10. Mint is one of my favorite colors AND flavors! I am so in love with those roller skates!

    ♥ sécia

  11. Oh wow. These are great finds. I love mint! :) I want some mint icecream now.

  12. Those roller skates are beauties...I was not expecting to be led to the Urban Outfitters store when I clicked your link! Who knew.
    And that cake is giving me inspiration for my next baking extravaganza :) Thanks for the pretty pictures!

  13. Hey ladies,
    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that you are such an inspiration to me! i love reading your post! your layout, colors, pictures and the writing is all amazing. keep living your dream ladies, you're doing an amazing job.:)also, congrats on making it happen. not many people have the drive to stick to their dreams and make them a career.

    -Sarah Lu

  14. I LOVE mint!! These pictures are great! I especially love the mint heels, cake box and sweater! :)
    P.S. Been following your blog for a little while now and just wanted to say that I am loving what you are doing here! :)

    Stop by sometime..

  15. I live close to the moxi shop & have met miss Estro Jen herself! The outdoor wheels are awesome on these & the boot and trucks are killer. Pretty skates that are fun! <3 I love mint! great post!

    the skates are originally from Moxi in long beach, Ca: http://moxirollerskates.com/

  16. Ohhhh these mint roller boots are completely awesome!

  17. Yes...I love mint! Great photos!

    xo sherri

  18. i lovelovelovelove mint green.

    so many cute photo's.

    also, i am kinda totally in love with your blog!


  19. i'm having a mint moment too - you should try essie's mint candy apple, its the perfect shade!

  20. One of my followers sent this post to me and it is amazing! If you love mint and teal you should totally check out my series Teal Tuesdays :)

    It's my favorite day of the week now!

    Love your blog! Big fan :)

    a cup of subtle tea

  21. I wish I had rollerskates like those! pretty :)

    xoxo from Brazil,
    Gabi Barbará