October 30, 2011

The joys of Jell-o!

Remember that post about Jell-o that we did a couple of months back? Well, while thrifting in Grand Forks last week I came across the amazing book, The Joys of Jell-o! Naturally I had to have it and came right home to scan photos of amazing Jell-o recipes for you lovelies! Here are some of our favorites!
 Love these tips on how to remove Jell-o from the mold!
Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I kid you not...my mom and I found this EXACT book in my grandma's house about 15 years ago! At least, I'm pretty sure it's the same book from looking at the pictures. I remember the intro was "Jello grandly shimmered it's way into American's kitchens in 1930" (or whatever year it was)...it cracked me up. :)

  2. happy sunday to you!
    really nice post!

  3. Oh my gosh. These are so adorable. I love the photographs. xo, rv


  4. Jello is pretty awesome! I feel like green jello moulds with marshmellows is such a traditionally thanksgiving recipe for me. I feel all nostalgic of thanksgivings past when I see moulds like this! :) -Lo

  5. this makes me the opposite of hungry. Miss you two!

  6. Wow, i cannot believe something like this exists. Too amazing to be true. Ah I want something with jello in it! I need this!