November 18, 2011

mitts mitts mitts...

Today feels like Winter here in Winnipeg, so we're gearing up for the (extreme) cold and browsing online for cute gloves and mittens! Here are some of our favorites:
These scalloped ones are crazy cute! I want them in every color!

We would own these if we lived in a city where we actually needed to take taxi's...

The embroidered detail is amazing on these, but I'd be scared to lose one because they're so pretty!


  1. so many nice pairs! I need to go find some today cuz it finally snowed here on Vancouver Island last night!
    I'm grabbing one of your buttons for my blog :) would love it you checked me out
    hugs Tereza

  2. I love the embroidered pair or the green leather. What lovely picks though, all of them.

  3. The air quotation mittens made me laugh, and the scalloped ones are adorable!
    P.S. I love that you guys are in Winnipeg! I'm so excited for your new shop!(I'll be a frequent customer!)

  4. The ketchup and mustard ones are my favorite! SO great!