November 8, 2011

Navy uniform.

This Tuesday we are doing a little tribute to navy fashion! Navy is such a versatile color that has a very elegant and sophisticated look, but can also just as easily have a fun and playful look!  We've been sort of obsessed lately! Here are a few images that should inspire you to pick up a few navy pieces for your wardrobes:

(source : google images)
The ever-so-lovely Ms Zooey Deschanel is a perfect example of how to wear navy. We love how both of her outfits have such a retro sixties vibe to them!

Want to get Zooey's look? These cute fall dresses from Modcloth would be the perfect addition to your closet! (shop: dress 1 & dress 2)

This navy polka dot clutch is pretty amazing.

This sheer navy polka dot blouse is so cute! You could wear it in all year round by layering it underneath a pretty knit or with a cardigan in the chillier months!

You can't think navy without thinking stripes! This navy striped skirt is absolutely dreamy.

Okay okay... we admit it! We sort of have polka dot fever! We believe that everyone needs a good polka dot skirt in their daily wardrobe!

Happy Tuesday pretty friends!


  1. I've always loved this style. The second dress is superb! :P

    Hope you're having a fun week!


  2. I love pretty much 100% of the outfits Zooey chooses to wear. She's just the cutest.

  3. I LOVE that clutch. I'm pretty much obsessed with everything from Anthropologie. xo, rv

  4. wow! how can i get this amazing polka dot clutch?

  5. Love it all, so lusciously lady like, feeling like. Might get my poka on today. X

  6. I love that you featured my favorite girl...Zooey). Of course she'd be adorable in anything!

    Navy is only second to black for me.
    It's alway so classy.


  7. i love that woman *__* and her music its great too.
    nice entry

  8. i love zoe...and i love the color navy. it works and goes with so many other pieces.
    a definite fashion must!

    xoxo katlin

  9. These are so cute! I love zooey deschanel : )

  10. I have always loved navy! Nice choices of photos to show it off.

    Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

  11. i think i may need to invest in a polkadot skirt after seeing this!! XO

  12. Absolutely love that polka dot clutch! and those Modcloth dresses are gorgeous!

  13. These are so lovely. In the last couple of years, navy has made itself more a presence in my wardrobe, but I am lacking in the polka dot department.

  14. really cute! i gotta get me some navy! :P

  15. Navy is one of my favorites! And so is Zooey...and polka dots!