December 20, 2011

Christmas colors!

The holidays are just around the corner and we are beginning to feel particularly festive!
So in honor of that, this hues-day we are going a little bit traditonal on ya and featuring some good
ol' fashioned red & green!

The cutest coffee tin lid we ever did see!

Red & green never looked so fresh! This serving presentation is absolutely perfect.
Can I order one of each please?

Nothing says holiday spirit like a 50's red and green plaid dress!

Pretty festive button collection.

I need these vintage green utensils in my cupboards!

We bet it would be fun to bake Christmas cookies in this vintage green & red kitchen!

Green wrap + red locks = vintage beauty.

There is just something magical about this color combo, isn't there?
Happy Holidays lovelies!


  1. Love - especially the vintage beauty!! Gotta admit, I'm glad it's ok to do other colors for Christmas now, but I love some red and green done right!

  2. Definitely! The coloration of this post is beautiful!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

  3. oh my gosh those sammies made my mouth water! great treasury of festive color!!!

  4. those sandwiches look delicious. SILF!

  5. Wow those sandwiches look really good ;)

    xo Emma

  6. mmm that bread with avocado *_*
    Love the kitchen, I want to do something like that in my future house.

  7. You have found fantastic ways to show Christmas spirit. Love all the pictures and Christmas colors they contain.

  8. So lovely! I love these posts! You find the cutest stuff! =)

  9. That is EXACTLY what my hair looks like this morning. I was feeling fluffy and unkempt but now I feel a little more glamourous - thanks!

  10. Being irish and wearing green a lot makes me feel festive all year round! This post is so lovely ;) Thanks for sharing

    <3 Sarah

  11. Ooh now I am in the mood for sandwiches... and red hair!