December 17, 2011

Dear Santa...

Eariler this week Erin shared her Christmas wishlist, and now it's time for me to share mine! There are a few items on here that are a little bit on the extravagant side but a girl can dream, right?

(Texas forever...)

(For those of you who don't know, I'm terribly allergic to cats... But this hasn't stopped me from asking for a kitten every Christmas of my life! So far I haven't gotten one yet... Maybe this year will be the lucky year? Haha!)

Love, Stef



  1. the cat looks like its eyes are upside down. i'm freakin out, man!

  2. I love the bowls! *drool*


  3. Aww cute cat & I love the Peter Pan Collar Dress.

    xo Emma

  4. I'm also allergic to cats. Usually what one is allergic too is in the saliva. You can give kitty pills with her meal which may help with your allergies. We had a cat all growing up and now have a bunny (same fur). Don't let kitty outside and you may find you get used to it quickly. That is, if you want a car. LOL

  5. What a great list! Awe you need a kitty! I am terribly allergic as well and still beg and plead like I am 5 for one (I will be 23 soon!) I understand you kittyless pain! ;)

  6. Awh Chloe we are totally in the same boat! Boo! I'm still holding out hope that one day there will be a cure for all allergies and then you and I can both get a fuzzy friend! Yay!

    Here's hoping...


  7. oh gosh this peter pan collar dress is so fabulous darling! and the lil cat as cute as a button;)
    love and kiss,mary

  8. Such cute vintage finds. I hope Santa brings you everything. :)

  9. If you're allergic to cats, check out Siberians...two of my friends are very allergic, and they've been able to get kittens and not have reactions! There's a breeder in Winnipeg, too:

    Merry, merry!
    Julie K