December 9, 2011

Meet Crystal of FOC Photography!

Visit Crystal's website here:
And be sure to check out her Facebook page as well!



  1. Your pictures are amazing. I love the ones with the "fireplace" too darn cute.


  2. she looks nice :) thanks for sharing her site

  3. aww love the photos, that chalkboard fireplace is so cute!

  4. I love these pics! the kids are so cute and it looks like they are having fun!

  5. Crystal is absolutely amazing!! A cousin with amazing talent! She is passionate in everything she does. Love you Crystal!
    Love your cousin, Alicia

  6. AWESOMENESS is how I would describe Crystal, tho I've only recently met her I can honestly say she's a stunning beauty (vintage to totally rock'n style in todays world), she's a shy quite type gal who know's how to rock the camera (she made me look amazing on all the images from my session...and there was ALOT of them :) ) if you want something unique this is the photographer you a photographer myself I rarely go blabbing about another photographer, but where credit is due its given... good luck Chrystal!!!
    p.s. love the images above!