December 31, 2011

What are you doing New Years Eve?

We're sure that most of you have already seen this video circling the web, but we couldn't pass up showing those of you who haven't seen it! SO CUTE! We know that Zooey has a magical voice, but he has the cutest voice ever!
We hope you all have a safe and happy New Years Eve! 
We are keeping it pretty low key this year with smaller house parties, but what are you guys up to?
Talk to you next year!
xo Erin & Stef


  1. I posted this on my blog today too,love them both so much xx

  2. oh yes a very cute video;) wish you all the best for 2012 darling;)
    big kiss,mary

  3. They are such a cute duo. I love Joe Gordon-Levitt. He's such a cutie and has such a sweet smile.

    Happy new year to you! We're having our neighbors over for dinner and drinks.


  4. I love them *_* They should get married XDDD, I saw the video on her twitter jeje

    happy new year girls!!

  5. Aww this is adorable! Wow when I was younger and Joseph Gordon- Levitt was on Third Rock from the Sun I had the HUGEST crush on him! I think that crush might have come back just a little bit after watching this. Zooey is so impossibly cute too.

  6. um, haven't seen that and it's TOTALLY ADORABLE!

    happy 2012!

  7. looovely :)

  8. We love them apart, and we love them together! We posted this on our blog too!