April 30, 2011

50's swimwear.

There's nothing better than a fabulous swimsuit from the 50's! 
Now that Spring is upon us, it's time to start thinking about new (old) swimsuits for the season!.
Here's a little inspiration if you too, are on the hunt!

All photos found here, originally seen on this lovely ladies' blog.

April 29, 2011

Things we love.

The perfect way to end a week is by sharing a few pretty things we love:

This print couldn't be more perfect if we had made it ourselves!
We need to have this in our homes! It is our life motto after all!

While we are on the topic of must-have prints, check out these beauties...

We already love these movies, but these minimalistic posters make them even better!

We can't get enough of this amazing trench coat!

 This wacky radio, called the "Toot-a-Loop" was made in 1972 and was designed to be worn like a bracelet around the wrist or carried like a purse! What a fashion statement that would make!

 Yes, we know that we already have enough cute, fun, little summer dresses, but we couldn't resist drooling over this one from Modcloth! It's absolutely stunning and we love everything about it, right down to it's name: the 'Ordinary Happy Moments Dress' ...which seems completely fitting!

April 28, 2011

Peter pan.

We are 100% completely and totally obsessed with peter pan collars!
Here's a little bit of rounded-corner-collared-goodness to start your day!

April 26, 2011

Rainbow brite!

It's supposed to be really nice outside today, so we're going to find a patio and bask in the sun all day long! Not to worry... we'll leave you with some extremely cheerful photos!

 Amazing colorful display in the kitchen.

Most beautiful backgammon set we've ever seen!

Every color under the sun!

Comfiest looking rainbow chair!

Singapore shutters!

Dancing ladies
(source unknown)

April 25, 2011

Welcome Mat D.I.Y.

We've always secretly wanted a personalized welcome mat for our entrance-ways, and since we never seem to find them in our travels, we figured why not try to make our own? We decided to make one that says: "The Hieberts" which is mine and Emery's last name.
We started by purchasing a basic plain door mat from our local hardware store. We recommend using a low pile rug because there is less room for paint leaks when spraying the stencil.
Here are the basic supplies you will need:
plain cardstock sheets for printing the stencil on, outdoor spray paint, a pencil, a utility knife for cutting out the stencil, painting tape, scissors, and a measuring tape.
We measured the size of the mat and then went into Photoshop and made a template the same size. We then typed up the text that we wanted and simply printed it out from our computer printer!
It printed perfectly!
 Next it was time to carefully cut out the stencils! Make sure you save the little centers of letters like "e's" and "b's" so you can stick them back in the stencil when you spray paint it!
After that we used our measuring tape to find the center of the mat and then positioned the stencils on top of that spot and carefully taped them in place. You may also want to use a bit of spray adhesive to ensure that the stencils don't shift around at all. Use any remaining pieces of cardstock to tape off any bare areas of the mat that you don't want to be painted, then you're ready to spray! We highly recommend doing this outside, in a garage, or in any other well-ventilated area.

After spraying, carefully remove your stencils to reveal your finished product...
And voila! We had a little bit of paint seepage underneath the stencil, but that is to be expected when painting a rug! We are really excited about this cute little addition to our house stoop!

April 24, 2011

60's outdoor set-ups.

The patio sets and pieces people had in the 1960's are almost as amazing as the interiors!

The coolest outdoor daybed we've ever seen!

This combination of yellow and white is perfection!

Seriously? Where are these places?

Believe it or not, this is an outdoor space! Too good to be true!

An astroturf atrium! So dreamy!

These photos are all originally from 'The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement'.

April 23, 2011

Year of the rabbit.

Happy (early) Easter Everyone! We'll be spending the day with our families;
stuffing ourselves with ham, fried potatoes, and paska (Easter bread with sprinkles) for dessert! 
We hope you have the happiest Easter, wherever you are!

April 22, 2011

Good Things on Good Friday.

It's Good Friday today, and here are a few things that warmed our hearts this week:

Both of our sisters are visiting from Montreal for the Easter long weekend! (well, Erika isn't exactly my blood sister, but we have been best friends for as long as I can remember!) We are so so excited to get to spend some much-needed quality time with them! We don't see them often enough! *hint hint*

 We have finished re-doing the exterior of our trailer, (and it's looking amazing!) so now all we have left is to figure out the interior layout. We have definitely been doing our research and have been searching for other trailer interiors as sources of inspiration. As far as inspiration goes, this Airstream converted into a studio definitely takes the cake. Isn't it absolutely stunning?! Check out the full makeover project here.

We have both been doing a lot more home-cooking lately, but we have a feeling we would be extra inspired to create something delicious in this gorgeous vintage-inspired kitchen!

And of course, we can't forget the reason of the season,
that this cute print so sweetly reminds us of!
Happy Easter everyone!

Stef & Erin