March 27, 2012

Chocolate milk.

A little collection of pretty brown photos for your Hues-day viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

The prettiest little brown dress. The fact that it has a peter pan collar makes it that much better.


Chocolate chip cookie peanut butter cup brownies. Need we say more?
Get the recipe here.



  1. Oh those Chocolate PB brownies are tugging at my heartstrings. mmmm....

  2. Wind in your sails, beach bums. Wish I was along for the ride, guzzling beer and lemon shakes between the two of you like there is no tomorrow. Now, it must be said that I really enjoyed this Hues-day entry (save for the wedges, gross). Solid color selection. I am guzzling choco lait as I write. Love to you both, but especially to my sis Frin. Proud of you woman.

    Keep going.
    Come back safe.

    Love Margot

  3. That dress is dreamy. I'm all for a peter pan collar.