March 25, 2012

Hotel room service.

Eek! We can't believe that we are getting on a plane tomorrow to fly half way across the world to Asia!!! Excited doesn't even begin to describe what we are feeling right now! Since all we can think about is travel travel travel, we decided to do today's post about vintage hotels from the 50's & 60's. These hotels are absolutely out of this world. So... when can we check-in?

Here are a few ads for Hawaiian hotels all from 1955: 
(and all images were found here.)

What about you, are any of you traveling anywhere interesting in the future? 
Or have your recently gotten back from an exciting vacation?

If so, we hope these images inspired you and brightened up your day as much as they did for us!
Happy Sunday, friends!
Stef & Erin


  1. Love the Hanalei one! Every year they have Tiki Pasis at that hotel, so much fun!

  2. My husband and I are currently planning our summer vacation. I am already thrilled but these pictures make me ache to go even more. :)

  3. Oh yeah i just came back from Barcelona, it was so great! It must be one of my favorite cities! I love this feeling before traveling, your heart pounds so strong when you think about it and excitement overflows!

    I wish you the best, longest but not boring flying girls

    (New blog needing some love:

  4. That bed frame is so wild! I can't believe you are going to Asia. If only all our hotels still looked as cool as they did in the 60s :)

  5. have a fun, safe trip! i'd die to be in that hot tub right now! can't wait to see all your vacay pic.s

  6. ooh looks fabulous!
    enjoy your trip hun!
    Ginger and Lace

  7. No grubby 50's Brit B&Bs here! Happy travels.


  8. CIRCLE TUB!!!! Oh no you did'n.

  9. What is going on with that viking boat bed? And helloooo short shorts. x

  10. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Now following!! (:

  11. Love the vintage pictures! Thanks for sharing