March 12, 2012

How to: Properly set your table.

Have you ever been getting ready for a dinner party and when it comes time to set the table you had to stop and ask yourself, "What side does the fork go on?" and then just draw a blank? Well, we have definitely been there too, so we thought it would be great to teach you guys how to set a table properly! 

Here is an example of how to set an semi-formal place setting:
(side note: I was really excited to have an excuse to use my favorite atomic dishes!)

Here are a few extra tips:

-Spacing is very important when setting your table. You want to make sure there is adequate space between place settings, so it is good to start by placing all of your plates down first and making sure they are all evenly spaced, and then add the cutlery after.

-A good way to remember the order of the cutlery is to place it in the order of it's use, starting from the outside and working in.

- For an extra special touch try experimenting with using a decorative napkin fold for your cloth napkins, or another option is to use a simple, yet pretty napkin ring.

-Pick something that compliments the style and color of your dish set and use it as a centerpiece for your table. Fresh flowers are always a good option!

Happy hosting, lovelies!
xo, Stef

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  1. whoa!! this is so proper. I am pinning this for future use.


  2. Oooh....stunning table scape!
    Loving your dish-ware set! The turquoise napkins compliment them oh-so well ;)

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing! ;)

    Hope you've started the week with a smile!

  4. Ok that's truly useful, i always mess spoons and forks! :D

  5. This makes me want to have a dinner party at my place :)

    xoxo from Brazil,
    Gabi Barbará

  6. I remember taking etiquette lessons as a child, but unfortunately I didn't retain that knowledge into adulthood. My husband and I hosted our first dinner party and I caught myself not remembering how to set the table:( So thank you for the helpful tips! I will definitely have to apply them in the future.

    - Joi

  7. I love your plates and cutlery! I wouldn't mind setting the table if I had such neat tableware!

  8. Ah, my future dinner parties thank you for clearing this up! I never know what goes where- it's so confusing. This makes it much simpler!


  9. That is an amazing dinner set for sure!

  10. What a great idea for a post. Now this makes me want to have a dinner party.

  11. New fan of your blog. I love it, is adorable. I love the vintage.
    You can visit my blog if you want. Thanks :)

  12. This is super cute. I'm totally in love with these dishes!

    ♥ sécia

  13. Love the retro colours .