April 22, 2012

RV there yet?

We are thrilled that the weather is slowly warming up, because that means we are so close to taking the giant blue tarp off of our trailer, Olive! We just booked our first event this year! We're going to be back at the Osborne Street Festival on June 30 & July 1, instead of just Canada Day, like last year! We are so excited to haul out the trailer, give her a good Spring cleaning and fill her with tonnes of the new dresses and housewares that we've been saving! If you live in Winnipeg or somewhere close by, do you have any favorite festivals that you would like to see 13 feet of orange & white scallops at? We're on the hunt for some new and exciting places to go!

On that note, here are some of our favorite trailers from the 50's & 60's! Happy Sunday!

This little cutie is for sale on Tin Can Tourists, and we wish Olive needed a nine foot sibling! Hmmm...

What a beauty! The one-of-a-kind Holiday House Model "X" also known as "Geographic" even came with a complete Melmac set! So dreamy!


  1. Great post, I LOVE vintage trailers!!

  2. I want a pretty pastel colored trailer. :)


  3. I wish I lived in the U.S. so I could see your trailer! I'd love a caravan or RV, I'd have to learn to drive first though! :) xox


  4. The title of this post made me giggle out loud. Thanks for sharing this lovely post:)


  5. i'd LOVE to see you at Steinbach's Summer in the City because it needs a serious vintage infusion. :)

    1. Yeah we did that event last Summer and it was super fun and we're thinking of doing it again this year!

  6. What a cute colorful RV park! xo, rv


  7. I would love to see you ladies & Olive in the US! :)

  8. where can you find the park with the pastel colored trailers?
    I want to move there^^

  9. I so badly want a tiny trailer, tear drop probably!

  10. I know a few people who have a vintage trailer. I could happily live in one too, at least in the warmer months. One from the Shasta line of trailers would be perfect! Gorgeous photos!

    Ali x

  11. I wish i lived close so I could check out your sweet camper.


  12. Pastel trailers?! I'll take the purple one, please ;) xo

    Inside the Birdcage

  13. I think Rosie up there is my favourite!

  14. How cute, that pastel trailer park!
    Wouldn´t mind spending a night there!:)

    x Danielle

  15. I sooo love the pastel colored trailer park! I think both kids and adults would be amused and pleased once they walked around this place. The variety of colors is very refreshing that may result to improving the mood of everyone in the place as well. =)

    Rosalinda Rudloff

  16. Beautiful RV’s! If I were to choose a favorite, I’ll definitely pick Geographic! For me, it just stands out among the rest. It must be because of its unique aesthetic value! :D

  17. Like your RV trailers, I refuse to call these vintage because that would mean I'm vintage, but hey remember these beautiful guys when I was a kid and all the wonderful memories of summer trips to the lake. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. My lovely wife and I would love to travel in one some day.