May 9, 2012

Instax trip pictures!

Ok you guys, this is the last of our trip photos, we promise! We took these all with our instax camera and are super happy with how they turned out! Hope you like them! Have a happy day!
Erin on Khoa San Road before the Songkran Festival.

Derek's turn!

Now Emery!

Last but not least, Stef's turn under the Coke signs on Khoa San!

Time for some photos on the beach at Seaflower!
In the afternoons the boys played a whole lot of petanque, which is really similar to bocce ball!

 We also rented scooters for the week, which was a definite highlight!

Then it was back to the beach and Heaven bar for happy hour!

One of the only photos of the whole gang!

Meet Josh! He is the most amazing bartender in all the land and just happened to be from Winnipeg! 
What are the chances of meeting someone on the other side of the world, and they end up being from your small city! 

Typical Chai. He is one of the amazing owners of Seaflower Resort. He's also the proud owner of those adorable baby ducks and is known for saying "No rain today!"...even if it's pouring rain out. He's the best!

Now it's on to Bali!
First off we'll start on Kuta Beach!
Naturally we would slip in some shopping wherever and whenever possible!

That's all folks! We hope you liked our peak into our trip! xo


  1. I'm hoping to get an Instax soon! I love the look.

  2. i just recently discovered your blog and read all of your back travel posts. this trip looks like it was AMAZING. such unusual places! after seeing your posts, I'm longing to visit them too!

    ... ps: I share your obsession with heart-shaped sunglasses. looking good girls ;)

  3. SO COOL! Thanks for posting these lovely shots of inspiration. :)

  4. So jealous, your trip looks gorgeous!