June 10, 2012

Melmac to the max!

Melmac. Not the planet where Alf came from, rather the super popular brand of dinnerware made out of melamine resin which is basically an indestructible lightweight plastic and was incredibly popular in the 1940's-1970's. You're pretty much guaranteed to stumble across mugs and plates at thrift stores anywhere, and it's usually a dime a dozen. We're always on the hunt for new pieces-printed or plain, and recently came across a few really amazing sets! Do you collect in or own any pieces? If so, what's your favorite pattern?
We love vintage ads, but a Melmac ad? The best!

Classic Melmac mugs-loving the pink!

How cute is this "Stetson" melamine?

This is a great Melmac ad from 1962! Drop-proof!

We fell in love with this set last month when Sorrythankyou79 sponsored us last month!

We're suckers for the orange set...duh.

Here's another ad, this one's for Prolon from 1957!

Such an amazing moon & starburst print!

Another great printed set!

The print on this set is completely incredible!

Want a little cleaning tip for Melmac? Mr.Clean magic eraser! Works like a dream!


  1. Ohh we are crazy for melmac over here! Our everyday dishes are pastel melmac. :) We've been collecting pieces for about 10 yrs. : )

    LOVE that Melmac Center ad! :)

    Happy Weekend dolls!
    xo Jenny Holiday

  2. these are so cute and they all have a vintage cool feel to it!

    Cathy Trails

  3. ooo such nice things, i bought some of these small plates for my little guy cuz he can't brake them :)

  4. These are all so lovely! Thanks for sharing. xo Heather

  5. melmac is my favorite of all time. i want so badly to find a complete set. i also want to find the set my gma had. so many wonderful memories.

  6. The stetson one is the best! Whoa!


  7. Great collection of images! I am desperately searching for these pieces as we put a pool in a couple weeks ago & glass is now a no no for outside. When you really would like to find something it is always that way that you can't! lol.

  8. Oh my... I must find myself some of this! It is amazing!

    Christen :>

  9. oooo, i love all of this. i just listed some of the "florence" bowls in my shop.

  10. I love it all! I have a bunch that I use all the time. I'm crazy for the retro patterns and my tried-but-true pastel boontonware.