June 1, 2012

Things we are a lovin'...

Hello lovely friends! The weekend is upon us! Yay!
So we decided to share a few fun things that we have been head-over-heels for lately:

Bullet planters! We have such a weakness for these gorgeous planters. (especially me, considering I just ordered my second one online a few days ago...) But just look at how beautiful that living room in the first photo looks! So incredible. 

Feeling inspired? Well you're in luck because the planter in the second photo is for sale and you can by it for a very reasonable price here.

The Moonrise Kingdom is premiering so soon! Yay! We have been anticipating this for months now, so needless to say, it would be an understatement to say that we are very excited to see go see it!  

Our new haircuts! We both bravely chopped off our locks for shorter 'dos and we are loving every second of it! Definitely not regrets! It feels like we have so many more styling options and we are definitely feeling more inspired!

Herb gardens! Now that the weather has finally cleared up we plan on planting our own herb gardens the first chance we get! We really like the look of this DIY mason jar wall planter . What about you, what herbs are must-haves in your garden?

Last but definitely not least, we love all of the colors of these coin purses-the top striped one is our favourite!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE bullet planters! Back when Aaron and I had our antique booth our neighboring dealer had so many! The greatest colors ever!! I vow to get some this summer...for the deck!

    and umm..could you be annnny cuter?!

    Happy June sweet girls!!
    Love from the Jersey Shore!
    xo Jenny Holiday

  2. Super cute do! Gawsh I've been wanting to cut my hair forever now but need to be sure of my decision haha! If I keep reading you posts, I just might do it!

    Cathy Trails

  3. You got me at those striped coin purses! So nautical, I want one now. Hmmmm I could keep my lip gloss's inside when I am on a long race.

  4. You're both so cute and I love your new hair! :)

  5. love the herb garden, mine so far is growing good. Basil is foolproof while parsely seems quite fickle.

  6. I love the bullet planter in the mint blue color! Also, adorable haircuts on both of you.


  7. looove the planters! and i wish i could pull off bangs like that. too cute.

  8. wes anderson AND bullet planters in the same post? too good.

  9. I adore the planters! just gorgeous.


  10. Love everything in this post :) Super excited for Moonrise Kingdom too...it looks excellent!

  11. Both of your new haircuts are so gorgeous! I love bullet planters too, the blue & pink ones are amazing! XO.

  12. Such sweet items...love the new haircuts...
    My favorite is the herb planter...I just can't be without basil in my garden each year...it's the perfect for mozzarella and tomato sandwiches!

  13. The haircuts are adorable and the mason jar herb garden looks easy to manage while adding a rustic touch!

  14. I'm looking forward to Moonrise Kingdom, too. Love those guys :)

  15. Lovely pics :)


  16. i love the owl wall plaques in that first picture. where are they from? thanks! :)

  17. Hello. The bullet planter in the 2nd photo was for sale in my husband's Etsy shop, The Old Milk Barn. It and another that matched it sold a few days ago. We just found out that you featured it here and wanted to say thank you. Watch for many more mid century items soon. He has had some good luck on buying trips recently. You have a wonderful blog. I've had fun looking 'round your posts.