August 12, 2012

Beaded purses.

Back in the Sixties, fashion was obviously a top priority, and accessories were key in completing the perfect outfit!
You know we love the fashion of the sixties, but we've never touched on purses! So, here are some of our favorite beaded purses from the 1960's. 
Love the color combination of this purse!

The cutest little purse in all it's woven & beaded glory!

You know we're suckers for diamond printed things, and this purse is no exception.

Such an adorable basket clutch, too bad it sold already.

This purse would be the perfect match for that little black dress in your closet.

Love this drawstring red, white and blue purse!


  1. I love all of these! They were really keen on the beading back then!

    xoxo Sarah

  2. Those are so cute and they remind me of my grandmas purses I use to play with as a kid!


  3. My beautiful mother had a version of every one of these handbags. Oh how wonderful they still look now!

  4. I love beaded bags. I have yet to find one yet for my collection.

  5. That top one looks like a more colorful version of Sophia's from The Golden Girls purse haha

  6. So cute! I have almost the exact one as your last pick in my shop right now :) How crazy...great minds, select vintage finds alike :)

  7. that's a nice bags.. :)

  8. Those bags are so cute! Think my Mum still has hers from the 60's... must get it off her! :D

  9. Arrghhh that first bag is beautiful!

  10. I love beaded bags! I have a white 60s one with an awesome blue floral print lining!


  11. Thank you so much for featuring my beaded purse. This is quite the round up of them! - Lucy, NBDG