August 27, 2012

Our trip to New Orleans aka "The Big Easy."

As you know, Emery and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary back in June, but we just had way too much going on with the shop, weddings, and other events to find the time to properly celebrate, so we decided to take a little mid-August getaway in honor of that and of Emery's birthday! We had originally just planned to go to Minneapolis but we found some last minute cheap flights to New Orleans that we just couldn't pass up! So off we went.. 

First up, we drove down to Minnesota and along the way we decided to check out a local vineyard and do a little wine tasting tour! Neither of us had ever been to a vineyard before but that was something we had both always wanted to experience, so we were very excited about this opportunity!
We had a lot of fun learning about and sampling the different types of wine and walking through the beautiful fields full of rows of trees bursting with grapes ready to be picked! There was also a wood fire pizza restaurant on the property that had a patio overlooking the entire vineyard, which was where we enjoyed a lovely dinner. The food was absolutely phenomenal and so was the view! 

After we finished up our dinner we headed over to Wisconsin to catch a show...
One of Emery's all-time favorite bands is Band of Horses and he has always wanted to see them perform live so for his birthday I surprised him with tickets to their show in Somerset, Wisconsin! He was beyond psyched and I was so happy that my plan worked out! The show was outside and it was the most beautiful summer evening so it was really the perfect venue to get to see them perform. They were absolutely unreal.

Early next morning we hopped on a plane and headed south to Louisiana...
We were only in New Orleans for a few days but we made the most of our time and jam-packed our days full of activities! As soon as we arrived we took a Cajun cooking class, which is something that we had never done before but had always wanted to experience. I'm so glad we did because we had a total blast! It was great to learn more about the history behind the food and learn a little bit more about the city we were visiting! We tried to check out as many bars, lounges, and restaurants as possible while we were there so we made it a habit of going to at least 3 or 4 different places each night! We had to make the best of our short stay!

We ate sea food, listened to jazz, sat on patios, and enjoyed the balmy humid weather! I love all of the lush greenery and tropical plants everywhere... you just don't see that in Winnipeg. As much as I love our home, it was really nice to get out of town for a bit and experience life in a different city.

Before we knew it our whirlwind trip was coming to a close. Until next time New Orleans...

XO, Stef


  1. Whoa! That looks like so much fun! I love Minneapolis more than any other city I've been too, and I dream of going to New Orleans at some point, for sure!

  2. New Orleans is like my home away from home. I love seeing the city through others eyes and your photos are breathtaking. What a marvelous way to celebrate your anniversary and hubby's b-day!

  3. Oh my goodness I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. LOVE the vintage $5 cocktails. What is a brandy milk punch??? haha!

  4. Wow, New Orleans looks amazing! I like your over the shoulder pose and that last picture is just beautiful. Glad you had fun.

  5. It sounds like an amazing trip. I'm glad you guys had fun :) I've always wanted to visit New Orleans and after reading this, I feel like I have to do it as soon as possible!!
    Merrily Merrily,


  6. What beautiful photos! It sounds like you had an amazing time in New Orleans. I'd love to go there one day!


  7. Looks like you had a fantastic time! It makes me want to go back!!!

  8. super cool and fun I would love to visit there one day.

  9. Looks like you two had an awesome trip! I love all of the photos you posted. I've always wanted to visit New Orleans. It looks like such a fun place to explore! :)

  10. You look so cute with him!! congrats!!
    one of my dream travels is to go to New Orleans,
    is a wonderful city, as I can see

  11. i think you're one of the only people i've seen that can actually pull off heart shaped sunglasses. beautiful pics.

  12. Wowo that looks amazing! I can't wait to one day go to New Orleans!

  13. What an awesome trip - you are so gorgeous! :)

  14. Where did ya'll take the cooking class? Isn't NO a just a wonderful messy place ha! I grew up a few hours from New Orleans, but it will be my home in a few months after i get married, and I can't wait! :)

  15. Looks like so much fun and you look so pretty lady!

  16. what a HOT couple! cute pictures. loved them all. :)

  17. So glad you had a great time.

  18. I have always wanted to visit New Orleans and now, just a bit more thanks to your great pictures!


  19. how do your bangs look so perfect in pictures? like even your candid ones. I carry a tiny comb in my purse and everyone makes fun of me when i comb them immediatley before a photo is taken- but its the only way I can make them look good instead of windswept and stringy! Do you have a secret? Or just magically fabulous hair? :)

    1. Awh, you're so sweet! Haha! Right after I comb them in the morning I do usually spray them with a good strong hairspray, and if they aren't freshly washed I will also give them a spray with "Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo." I absolutely LOVE that product because it is so good for giving your hair texture and for taking away any unwanted stringiness. If you haven't already, you should give it a try! Hope that helps ya a bit love! XO, Stef

  20. What beautiful photos! Looks like such a great trip! And what a sweet lady you are for surprising your man with those tickets! Thanks for sharing! Hope you girls are having a lovely week!
    <3 Kastles