September 19, 2012

Awkward Girls & A Giveaway

Happy Wednesday everbody! Today we are thrilled to introduce you to the adorable ladies behind the blog "Awkward Girls"! Go and check these ladies out and then be sure to enter the giveaway below!
Hello Oh So Lovely readers! We're Lauren and Madison, also known as Awkward Girls! We're two best friends just making our way through college, adulthood, and the occasional (read: frequent) awkward moments in life. On our blog, you'll find snippets of our personal style, our love for vintage and thrifting, our never-ending appetites, and stories we think are funnier than they actually are.  We love making new friends, so we hope you'll stop by and say hi! 
Do yourself a favour and check out their links:

These two beauties are offering a free large sponsor spot on their blog next month! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below with your email address and tell us about an awkward or funny moment you've had! We will pick a winner on Saturday, Sept 22.


  1. Oh I love their blog! I've just recently started following. I've had quite a few awkward moments....which to pick. I'd probably have to go with when I went in for a BIG bear hug with my boss's wife at our holiday party, only to realize too late that she was reaching around me to get the check from the waiter...eek!

    xoxo andrea

  2. I can't see very well at a distance without my glasses. In college I was stubborn and refused to wear them. I thought I saw a friend in the cafeteria one day, so I waved and sat down. It was totally a stranger.

    Oh! oldredbootsblog (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. OOOO So excited about this giveaway!!!

    So this awkward moment is really recent.

    My older brother is a professional songwriter, and his latest cut is the Rascal Flatts single "Come Wake Me Up." I was so excited to hear this song that I had been listening to country radio (which never happens) for like two weeks trying to catch it.

    So then...

    One horrible evening, I was at the salon getting a full on brazilian wax. Chatting with my "stylist." Pretending things weren't ALREADY awkward as I laid in horribly awkward positions.

    When bam.

    My brothers song came on the radio.

    What are the odds.

    I will never forget the first time I heard his song. HI first single on the radio. It was a very special moment. That I will never ever share with him.

  4. picking out one awkward moment is hard! ummm... the worst childhood memory. I was wearing a super amazing floral dress whist shopping with my mum, i was hopping over those concrete bollard things. hop hop hop. the last one, i caught my dress on the bollard, and literally hung upside down, pants showing, mortified. it took me struggle to get free. i didnt wear a dress again until i was 18. phew!

    bythelock(@)gmail . com


    1. i MIGHT have spit water all over my keyboard... maybe.




  5. Such cute ladies with an equally cute blog! I'm sure their awkwardness is exaggerated. :)

    The peak of my awkwardness was my preteen years. One time I was acting as a "server" during a mass at our Catholic church. On Good Friday mass--one of the most crowded masses of the year--I tripped on the alter with a huge candle and dropped it on the priest's robe in front of everyone. Definitely almost lit a priest on fire.

  6. my funny moment was when i took a look at someone in the shoe store and thought they look awfully familiar. it was a mirror.

  7. Age 12: I was showing a (new) neighborhood friend my awesome balance beam skills. Then it all went horribly wrong...
    In slow motion- I lost my footing, I slipped, and I landed HARD on wrought iron railing.
    Right Between My Legs.
    I lay there on the sidewalk- trying to contain the shrill, wet, keening, inhuman wail that was threatening to explode out of my face. I brokenly crawled towards my front door, feigning nonchalance and claiming that I suddenly "heard my mom calling me". Looking back into that neighbor girl's horrified expression, I suspected that i hadn't fooled her... OR impressed her with my uncanny sense of balance.

  8. Wow super cute blog, love it!

    An awkward moment... but there are so many, just right now I got a pipette caught in my scarf (bad lab dress code I know) and caused it to go spinning out of my hand and across the room. The two Spanish post-docs in the room just watched it happen, none of us said a thing as I walked over to pick it up and make sure I hadn't broken it.

    sara-turner @


    I witnessed a little kid get so SO excited to eat the blueberries on the counter. They were grapes. Awkward. :-D

  10. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    Hmmm an awkward moment? Haha, pretty much my entire life! When I was younger I didn't realize I was still wearing my slippers until we were in the parking lot of the store we were going I had to wear slippers the entire time we ran errands. I was mortified!


  11. love their blog!


  12. My life is full of awkward moments! I was teaching a class once, and just when they all decided to be quiet I accidentally erm, passed gas shall we say. I can't believe I just admitted that! I also trip over my own feet or thin air on a daily basis! (I sound really unco and gross right about now, huh?)

  13. thanks for the giveaway!
    most recent awkward moment....
    standing next to my husband while he asked someone if they were pregnant....definitely not pregnant.



  14. Just the other day, I actually blogged about this one so feel free to check it out!

    Basically what happened was I decided to ask an old lady that I knew to help me with some corduroy pants that I made. I was feeling pretty confident about my skills and, I'll admit, excited to show this seasoned seamstress my awesome skills (especially for being as young as I am!). So I meet her at her house with my cut out material, ready to sew! Imagine my embarrassment when she pulled my cut material out of the bag and said, "You cut the corduroy on this leg backwards." They looked like jester's pants...

    Chevron & Lace

  15. a little while ago i was out to eat with my husband and a man who looked like santa walked in, so i whispered to my husband "jensen, look! it's santa!" and the man walked by our table and stops and said to me... "i can read lips you know". i was so embarrassed!

    hope i win! :)

  16. for me awkward moments are a daily occurance. last one? losing the little nub at the end of my brand new heels on the way into an interview. it was only the second time I wore it!


  17. Love their blog!

    One time I was walking to my apartment and talking on the phone with my mom about a boy I had been seeing and what I thought about him when he jumped out from behind my stairwell and surprised me! Yeah he had definitely heard me talking about him. There's no recovering from that.


    awkward moment of the week:

    Walking/waddling my 8 month pregnant self up the hill to the dumpster carrying a trash bag in one hand and an over-zealous puppy's leash in the other....and get cat called by some guy driving up from behind me. What the? so awkward.

  19. so excited about this giveaway!

    awkward moment of the week:
    so i watched the original star wars trilogy with my boyfriend recently and i've been excitedly telling everyone how much i love it. there's a conflict at my work about whether empire strikes back or return of the jedi is the better movie. in trying to convince everyone that revenge is superior, i was like "what about the scene when Princess Leia strangles JABBA IN HIS HUT?" (if you're unsure, it's definitely just Jabba The Hutt.) now every time someone visits my work (often), they make me retell my story.


    Had a funny/awkward moment in the summer when i accidentally flung my phone into a murky lake and then went wading in it with frogs all around me trying to find it. I didn't find it, and had to throw out my completely soiled shoes...

  21. such a fun giveaway!

    this is a multi faceted awkward story that I'll probably butcher but here we go:

    the short of it: my husband and I are together because my mom impersonated me on my Facebook a few years back.....

    the long of it: I had a major MAJOR crush on Brandon. We had become Facebook friends and I had stalked his Facebook life like a crazy person. like really, I'm embarrassed how stalkerish i was....any who... my mom and are I are way close so me says "hey mom, here's my password on facebook, you gotta check this guy out" and she does. and she totally understands why i'm stalking him like a total stalker cause gosh he was so hot! (still is). so months go by and Brandon and I haven't talked much (but I'm still on top of the Facebook stalking, don't worry) and my mom gets on my Facebook (cause remember how she has my password?!) and he messaged her (I mean...he thought he was messaging me right?) and my mom responds, and pretends to be me (nightmare) and invites him over for that weekend WHEN MY ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY WAS IN TOWN (seriously, kill me now). And he bought it. And he came over. And the entire room full of my entire family and all their dogs and everyone I know fell silent and watched the most awkward conversation unfold.

    He: hey
    She: so glad you could come
    He: yeah
    She: so we should do something some time
    He: yeah
    She: so do you want my number?
    He: yeah
    She: okay.....
    He: {doesn't pull out phone. doesn't move}
    she: okay, how about I get yours

    she does. they say goodbye. he leaves. family burst out laughing as soon as he's out the door.

    moral of the story: sometimes really awkward things happen. but somehow you get over it. and sharing those awkward moments with someone instantly unites you together under the "we're all awkward people bond". And then you'll probably fall in love awkwardly and have awkward little babies (someday).

    the end.

  22. Once upon a time, I woke up one morning and wandered to the kitchen for some breakfast. It was there in my shabby apartment kitchen that I found a terrified daddy long leg. Being the kind person I am, I scooped him up in my hands and fled to the front door to free him to the great outdoors. At the time, I lived on a pretty busy street near my school's campus. Any ways, I went outside and gingerly set him on the grass. It was then I realized some passing cars were giving friendly honks and I looked around, confused. I retreated back in doors. Spider saved. Mission accomplished. I walked inside, shut the door, and remembered something. I looked down. I totally wasn't wearing pants.

    Totally love Awkward Girls. One of my faves!


    Awkward: having braces for most of high school...


    That awkward moment when you drop mayo all over the wal mart isle and have to direct traffic around it because it is everywhere (even on my clothes and the shelves).