September 28, 2012

Lovely things.

It's time for another round of things we have been loving lately:

1. Cute outline tattoos like this sailboat one and this she & him one. 
We have both been itching to get a bit of new ink...

2. This DIY for leather heart patches on leggings. We need to try this!
(Here's a little fun fact for ya, this lovely lady is another fellow Winnipegger! How cool is that?! Be sure to also check out her cute blog.)

3. Bang trims. We are drooling over these thick blunt cuts! We are definitely digging these looks this season. (and starting to get that itch to chop our hair again...eee! maybe before our trip?)
photo one//photo two

4. This beautiful book is at the top of our must-read list!

5. And finally this incredible photo of Tokyo and the fact that we are going to be there in only 18 days!!! Eep! So soon! Photo by Kristoffer Hakansson of Genzo Photography.

Happy weekend lovelies! XO


  1. I am in love with the leather patches on the leggings so cute and a must try DIY. I also just really love your blog. I am your newest follower!
    Almost Endearing

  2. I love outline tattoos! They are so simple and cute! Me and my best friend have been wanting to do something like it and I just can't wait! :)

  3. obsessed with the bangs. so tempted to go out and get a haircut right now! and those legging patches are adorable :)

  4. Those tattoos are lovely, i want one so badly :(

  5. While I don't mind my photos being shared across the web, some credit wouldn't hurt ;) If you liked that photo (the last one) feel free to check my other stuff out! :) I hope you enjoyed Tokyo as well as Japan in general!

    1. So sorry about that, we tried to find the orginal source, but never could. We went ahead and added it now. Thanks for being understanding! And yes! We had an amazing time in Japan!