September 16, 2012

Our hats off to you!

(photo source)
Hats were a very popular and common fashion accessory in the 1960's, so much so that some would even come complete with complimentary lipstick and nail polish recommendations! (as seen above.) How cool is that?! Women always looked so polished and put-together when they had a hat that perfectly matched their outfit! Unfortunately we don't see that too much anymore and we think we should change that, ladies! So we went on a hunt and found some adorable 1960's hats currently for sale on Etsy. Take a gander:

This hat reminds of the old Madeline cartoons!

These little white flowers are adorable!

What a gorgeous turquoise turban!

Cute curled feather.

You can't go wrong with a classic black and white hat!

There is something so glamorous about pillbox hats.



  1. oh my goodness I'm in love with the second one!!

  2. These are all so lovely! I love looking at/trying on hats and am even guilty of buying more hats than I even need haha Unfortuneatly I'm a college student right now and because I spend most of my time sitting inside classrooms I don't get the opportunity to wear hats as often as I'd like. Great post, thanks for sharing! Now I'm off to go stare at some hats on easy ;)

  3. The link to the first hat is wrong! I must have it! lol

    xoxo Sarah

  4. I think five is my favorite! Lovely picks!

  5. I love vintage hats but I just don't suit hats, unfortunately!