September 30, 2012

Our retro dream kitchen!

When our minds begin to wander we often find ourselves daydreaming about what our dream retro kitchen would look like... of course it would be filled with plenty of beautiful colors, unique gadgets, and tons of fifties and sixties charm! We decided to compile a little list of what our dream kitchen would look like in a perfect world:


  1. Ooh I love that kitchen table and chair!

    I got very lucky to once find a 1950s kitchen table with a pastel blue and pink atomic print. It's lovely!


  2. Every morning I wake up, make a coffee, fix my son breakfast & go online to get my daily fix of vintage goodness via your fabulous blog..
    This morning when I saw the link to your blog on my FB news feed my tummy filled with butterflies "No way it couldnt be!!"
    Our Nally canisters were featured in your dream retro kitchen..
    You have both very much made our day! Our week in fact :)
    Jess @ ACL xx

  3. I can seriously imagine what this kitchen could look like, and I must say, it seems like it would turn out pretty damn amazing :)
    I love all the items you picked here! I can't keep my eyes off that whisk!

  4. LOVE IT! Any kitchen with orange Cathrineholm and and turquoise Pyrex is a happy kitchen. I'm sure of it.

  5. That turquoise color is soo poppin and beautiful! I love how it can make any kitchen stand out! Thanks for sharing this wonderful collection!

  6. Awww what a cute dream kitchen! I love all your retro finds, especially the orange, pot, timer and pitcher!

  7. Psychedelic, baby! Your concept is kind of unique because many prefer their kitchens to look simple. A successful kitchen, for me, should be able to use colors in a strategic way. You don’t want too much color overpowering the kitchen because it can be distracting. Anyway, thanks for sharing!