October 27, 2012

Guest post by Love Music Wine & Revolution: Bachelor in Paradise!

Hey, it's Love Music Wine & Revolution here! I'm obsessed with capturing the sets and wardrobes from stylish old movies. When I saw Bachelor in Paradise (1961) I fell in love with the sets. It stars Bob Hope with the beautiful Lana Turner and takes place in a fictional suburb called Paradise Village. Lana Turner lives in a fabulous pink mid century home with an incredible home bar that I thought Oh So Lovely readers would enjoy. Aren't the colors great? 
What an amazing mid century pink house, and of course a fun convertible in the driveway!

I spy a Pyrex dish at the back!

Such a fantastic bar!

Thanks so much for doing a guestpost Whitney! We're huge fans of your blog, and look forward to seeing more of your old movie posts!


  1. Hi -- just found your blog and love it! You've got a new reader! xoxo

  2. The colors schemes really are phenomenal. I love finding movies that are just so aesthetically inspiring.

    <3 Melissa

  3. I love mid century furniture! I am hoping to find stuff for my new apartment from this era soon.



  4. When ever I see old movies it makes me want to dress up in heels, pearls and lipstick just to kick around my house. Thanks for sharing! I'm checking out your guest blogger's blog now!



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