December 21, 2012

Party mode!

One of the main reasons that we love the holidays, is to spend time with family, and party with friends! Here are a few things and ideas that we're wanting to try out this season! What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?
Bring a present wrapped with a  wood veneer bow on top! 
(I have a soft spot for wood veneer-my wedding invitations were made of it!)

Try out a new appetizer! 
We are going to be making these Mediterranean stuffed mushrooms!

The reason (not like you need one) to show off a new frock!
How cute is this one from Modcloth!?

Getting to stuff your face with delicious treats and not feeling guilty!
Aren't these stained-glass cookies adorable?
Testing out a new drink! 
This one's called 'A dirty girl scout' and tastes like thin mints! Yum!


  1. whoa that drink is BOOZEY. Do 'they' do delivery? (I don't know who 'they' is, but I need 'it' right 'now'.) Can you tell i'm going cuckoo at work?!

  2. that wood veneer bow is pretty neat! happy holidays!

  3. I don't like mushrooms, but those above look delicious!

  4. Mmhh,those mushrooms look yummy!You should also try mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese.Fresh out of the oven they are just delicious!I made them on this years Christmas dinner and everybody loved it!