December 14, 2012

Things we love.

We have a couple of vintage weiner dog dishes kicking around at our shop and can't wait to turn them into planters! You can go and buy this one or a different color for yourself here!

This polka dot dress is really quite perfect!

What's better than an ice cream buffet? I'll tell you what...nothing.

We're loving this sign from an ice skating rink in Los Angeles! We can't wait until our river is completely frozen and we can go skating!

How cute is this DIY wrapping paper that Aaron & Whitney of Eat Sleep Cuddle made?


  1. Oh, those Sausage Dog planters are SO adorable!!!

  2. Hahaha,this wiener dog dishes look soo funny!And I think it`s a very goog idea to turn them into panters.
    And you just make me fancy more about doing my own ice cream by looking at all those sweet and cute coloured ice creams.


  3. I love the Sausage Dog planters! Inspirational pictures!


  4. I, too, love the weenie dog planter! I have a droopy dog chochky that makes me smile every time I look at him. :)